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Foreign Degree Evaluation

Butte-Glenn Community College District requires applicants to include as part of the application packet an evaluation and translation of foreign transcripts. Below is information to assist you in obtaining this information.

The following information was taken from the U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Network for Education Information. While no government agency monitors the establishment of foreign credential evaluation services, further research on the web verifies the reputability of these organizations and the credential services associated with them.

CED - National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Academic Credentials
The CEC is an interassociational group that establishes standards for interpreting foreign educational credentials to assist in the admission and placement of holders of these credentials in the admission and placement of holders of these credentials in the U.S. educational institutions. Its main purpose is to review, modify and approve comparability and placement recommendations drafted for publications used by the U.S. academic community. The council also helps establish priorities, research guidelines and review procedures for international admissions publications. The Council may participate in international meetings that involve foreign educational credentials.

The Council is composed of voting representatives from the following organizations:
AACC - American Association of Community Colleges
AACRAO* - American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
ACE - American Council on Education
CEEB - The College Board
IIE - Institute of International Education
NAFSA* - Association of International Educators
USNEI - United States Network for Education Information (observer)

*NACES® - National Association of Credential Evaluation Services

Principal national professional association representing private credential evaluation services.

An association of private foreign educational credential evaluation services committed to formulating and maintaining ethical standards in the field of foreign educational evaluation. Within the United States, no government agency monitors the establishment of foreign credential evaluation services. NACES® was founded in 1987 by credential evaluation services dedicated to promoting excellence and committed to setting the standards for the profession.

Affiliation with a selective association such as NACES® is an important indication of the quality of work accomplished by a foreign credential evaluation service and an assurance that the evaluations it performs will be reliable.

NACES® members serve foreign-educated persons who have completed part or all of their education outside of the United States and who are seeking further education, professional licensure, or employment in the United States. Foreign-educated persons are referred to NACES® member organizations by administrators in the United States who need to make a decision based upon an applicant's educational qualifications. NACES® members provide expertise on the educational systems, institutions, programs, and documents of other countries.

Evaluation reports prepared by NACES® members are judgments based on appropriate reference material, including current research. NACES® member organizations examine documents for accuracy and authenticity. Reports include information about the credential awarded and the U.S. equivalency.

*AACRAO - American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
While they provide evaluations of transcripts, you may also view the website to see their Membership List of additional evaluation services.

AACRAO's International Education Services provides evaluations of education credentials from all countries of the world assuring consistent treatment of those educated outside the United States. AACRAO is committed to producing evaluations within 15 working days. The evaluation of foreign credentials by the International Education Services follows the placement recommendations approved by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Education Credentials (CEC) when available.

Also referred to on U.S. Network for Education Information web site.

AICE - Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.
California-based organization of credential evaluating services and consultants.

In summation, for evaluation and translation of foreign transcripts services, please direct candidates to visit these websites:
Go to Membership Directory
Go to Membership Directory and to Foreign Credential Evaluation Service
Go to Membership Directory


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