The Sustainability Resource Center (SRC) is located on the Butte College main campus in Swing Space G (next to Arts) and is open 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. M-Th.
phone: (530) 879-6143 | email:

The SRC is is a place for students, staff and faculty to further educate themselves on sustainability issues and become involved in the efforts at Butte College, the community and beyond. The SRC is a hub for environmental activity and learning.

Students: SRC Library, Goodswap (Free School Supplies), study space, computers, and events such as DIY workshops and movies.

Staff: The SRC provides information about the Sustainability Studies Certificate Program, the solar array, and Butte College's status as a wildlife refuge.

Faculty: The SRC Library makes instructor-suggested reference materials available for students.

Community: The SRC is committed to community beyond the campus and encourages student involvement in projects like the Bidwell Park Clean-up, the Earth Festival, and the Endangered Species Fair.