Transfer Counseling Center

On the Spot Admissions (OTSA)

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On-The-Spot Admissions with Chico State and Humboldt State

Applying to CSUC or Humboldt State?

Sign up for an On-The –Spot Admissions appointment (OTSA)!

Schedule a 20-minute meeting with a CSU evaluator to determine if you will be accepted for Fall 2015 semester.

Steps to Completing an OTSA:

Set up a counseling appointment with the Transfer Counseling Center to assure that you are eligible to transfer in the fall.Go online at to apply.Bring your application confirmation page to the Transfer Counseling Center to schedule an OTSA appointment.

OTSA Dates for Fall 2015

OTSA Chico State:                                                     OTSA Humboldt State:

October 21st & 22nd                                                      November 12th

November 6th, 19th, 20th