Transfer Counseling Center

Application Finishing Workshops for CSU/UC Admission

  FALL 2015 workshops for Spring 16 & Fall 2016 CSU/UC Admission:


Need help with your application? Sign up for a CSU or UC "Finishers" workshop. During the  "Finishers" workshop we will guide you through the questions that you could not finish on your own. These workshops are designed so that you will have successfully completed and sent the application by the time the workshop is over! CSU/UC "Finishers" workshops are offered ONLY during the priority filing months when Butte College is in session.


Reserve your space today! All workshops are held on the main campus in (SAS) 258.
Dates and times of workshops are subject to change and/or cancellation at any time!


CSU Application Workshops SP 2016
Wednesday 8/26/15  1:00-3:00
Friday 8/28/15 10:00-12:00
 Monday 8/31/15  9:30-11:00
CSU Application Workshops FA 2016  
Wednesday  10/14/15  12:30-2:00
Thursday  10/22/15 1:00-3:00
Monday 11/02/15 9:00-10:30
Thursday 11/12/15   1:00-2:30
Tuesday (Drop-in)
11/30/15 8:00-11:30
UC Application Workshops FA 2016  
Tuesday 10/20/15 10:00-2:00
Thursday 11/03/15 2:00-3:30
Thursday 11/19/15 1:00-2:30
Monday (Drop-in)
11/30/15 8:00-11:30