Library Workshops

Chico Center Drop-in Workshops 

Butte College Library offers a wide range of 50-minute drop-in workshops for students and faculty throughout the semester. Scheduled workshops are held at Chico Center Library and no appointment or previous registration is needed. Students will receive an attendance slip and may get extra credit (with prior approval) from their instructors. Faculty can always earn Flex hours by attending. 
For more information, please contact Louise Lee at Chico Center Library at 879-4398.  Print the CHC Drop-In Workshop Schedule.

Main Campus Workshops by Appointment

You can also make an appointment with a librarian at Main Campus Library for a one-on-one session that covers any of the topics from these workshops.  Short instruction videos are also available online, as is the Research Paper Learning Module, a self-paced, step-by-step guide to researching,forming a thesis, and citing in a paper. Call the Main Campus Reference Desk at 879-4024 for an appointment, or stop by the desk. 

Chico Center Library Workshops Fall 2015

When & WhereTopicFocus
9/17 (TH)
11-11:50 AM
CHC 238
Introduction to Research Databases 

 Learn how to locate full-text scholarly journal articles on a specific topic. Learn which databases to use, plus techniques for searching the various databases effectively.

9/28 (MON)
1-1:50 PM
CHC 238
Search Like a Pro 

 Learn how to effectively search for information. This workshop covers search techniques for library books, online databases, and Web resources. You'll also learn truncation, wild card, and Boolean logic search techniques, as well as search commands for search engines.

10/13 (TUE)
2-2:50 PM
CHC 238
  Term Paper Research

Learn the process of writing a research paper, including where to get topic ideas and how to find appropriate sources for your research paper.

11/2 (MON)
2-2:50 PM
CHC 238
 e-Books at
Butte College Library

Butte College Library has over 28,000 electronic books in our collections and provides access to over 600,000 eBooks via our catalog. Learn how to locate, search, navigate and read eBooks in our collection. You will be able to set up your account, learn to take digital notes, use bookmarks, get citations, and more.

11/17 (TUE)
11-11:50 AM
CHC 238
 Evaluating Information and Citing Sources

Learn how to evaluate information, especially the information found on the Internet. Learn how to cite sources according to professional formats such as APA, MLA, etc.