Instruction videos

Online videos to help you effectively use Butte College Library resources.  Click on the links below for a short tutorial on various library resources and services. You can also find a version of all these videos on our YouTube channel.

Introduction to library resources

  • Library Web Site - (1:56) how to access the library website and how to contact a librarian for help.

Search and Using Library Books & Print Periodicals

Research Databases

Search Techniques

  • Boolean Search (3:16) - using 'AND', 'OR', 'NOT' to combine search terms for precise searches.
  • Truncation (1:48) - how to truncate a word, and how truncation helps to expand searches.
  • Phrase Search (1:10) - using double quotation marks for phrase searching.
  • Search Fields (4:21) - learn about different search fields and how to choose appropriate search fields for different search terms.

Library Services

  • Book Circulation (2:19) - how to check out reserve and regular circulating books.
  • Reference (1:37) - services available at the reference desk.

Other Topics