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The library purchases materials that enhance and support the College curriculum and life-long learning. This includes, but is not limited to: books, periodicals, newspapers and online databases. Materials chosen are usually current or classic publications with high quality content and appropriate reading level for our users. The library does not purchase textbooks or any audiovisual materials.

The Library purchases new books on a regular basis. We welcome book purchase recommendations from our students, faculty and staff. Please be sure to check our catalog before suggesting any book for purchase.

Faculty wishing to suggest multiple titles for curriculum support can print our faculty recommendation form and send us your recommendations through intercampus mail.

To maintain an up-to-date collection that meets the current needs and interests of our users, we withdraw dated materials from the collection. This can also make room for newer and better items. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about our weeding criteria and procedures.

If you have questions regarding a specific subject area, contact the librarian for collection development in that area.

Subject AreaSubject LibrarianPhoneOfficeEmail

Science, Medicine, Agriculture, Technology, Military and Naval Science

Rachel Arteaga 879-4067 LB 302

History, Recreation, Sports, Business, Finance, Economics, Education

Tia Germar 879-4067 LB 302

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Anthropology, Social Sciences

Louise Lee 879-4398 CHC 219

General Works, Geography, Language, Literature

Jean Ping 879-4067 LB 302

Political Sciences, Law, Music, Fine Arts

Michael Smith 879-4066 LB 303

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