Financial Aid - Federal School Code: 006972

Cost of Attendance

(also called Student Budget)


A standardized Cost of Attendance, or Student Budget, is calculated by each college every year as an estimate of a typical student's total educational and living costs. According to federal regulations, your financial aid award cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance.

At Butte College, the student budget includes enrollment fees (tuition) and student service fees, as well as books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses for the nine-month academic year (fall and spring semesters). Your estimated Cost of Attendance at Butte College will vary depending on:

Why is Cost of Attendance important?

Cost of Attendance, or the standardized college budget, is important because it is used to help determine your "Financial Need" and the types and amounts of financial aid that make up your Financial Aid Award. 

How is "Financial Need" Determined?

For financial aid purposes, "Financial Need" is the difference between your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and the Cost of Attendance. The EFC is calculated by the federal processor from the information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). EFC is primarily a measure of a family's/student's financial ability to contribute to college expenses as compared to others on the basis of income, assets and household size.

You may be eligible for different types and amount of aid at different colleges because each college has its own Cost of Attendance.


(Cost of Attendance minus Expected Family Contribution equals Financial Need)

2015-2016 Estimated Full-Time Cost of Attendance for 9-Mo. Academic Year

  Annual Semester Annual Semester
Tuition/Fees* (Direct costs paid to Butte College) $ 1364  $ 682  $ 1364  $ 682
Book/Supplies (Indirect/discretionary costs)      1,660     830     1660     830
Room/Board (Indirect/discretionary costs)       4,600   2,300  10,962   5,481
Transportation (Indirect/discretionary costs)       1,092     546    1092     546
Miscellaneous/Personal (Indirect/discretionary)       2,522   1,261    2,522   1,261
TOTAL  $11,238  $5619 $17,600    $8800 
 *NOTE: International and Non-Resident students have additional fees of $210 per unit plus enrollment and service fees.   


U.S. Citizen-Non-California Residents pay $210/unit in addition to above estimated costs of "AWAY" student. Total Estimated Costs = $22,640. Out-of-state students may be eligible for Pell Grant and other federal aid; not eligible for Cal Grant.

International Students pay $210/unit in addition to above estimated costs of "AWAY" student. Total Estimated Costs = $22,640. U.S. citizenship is required for U.S. federal aid. Also see the Non-U.S. Citizens page of the Federal Student Aid website. Click here.