Financial Aid - Federal School Code: 006972

7 Days to Pay

Butte College Payment Policy


Students have 7 days from the time of registration to pay fees or they will be dropped from one or more classes. Students can check their payment status in the Registration Information box in MyBC after registering into courses. A warning (AT RISK) will appear for students in danger of being dropped.

Financial Aid and 7 Days to Pay


1. About 2 weeks after submitting a FAFSA online, you should look for a FAFSA Received Notification email. Receiving this email notifies you that Butte College received your FAFSA from the federal processor.

2. CONFIRMED. After you register and if you are eligible for Pell Grant, your classes will be "confirmed" and you do not have to pay in advance to hold them. If you're Pell eligible, any fees that show in your account will be deducted out of your first Pell payment of the semester. Once the semester begins and you attend all classes, your "confirmed" statement may change to "Pay your fees." This does not mean you will be dropped from classes. It means that you will have to pay your fees sometime in the semester if you do not have a BOG Fee Waiver or sufficient financial aid to cover them.

Note that the BOGFW pays for course fees (enrollment) but does not cover student service fees. Students who are eligible for BOGFW are not necessarily exempt from the 7 Days to Pay deadline. You will need to pay the remainder of your balance, make a payment plan, or demonstrate eligibility for other financial support.


MyBC Confirmed

3. AT RISK. After you register, if a statement appears that states: "Your Registrations for FALL 13 are at risk," you must pay your balance, create a payment plan, or meet other exemptions before the end of 7 Days to Pay. Follow instructions in the Fee and Payment Information box under Registration Information.

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