Priority Pass

A Priority Pass can be given to a student to get priority service from appropriate student services. You can initiate a Priority Pass electronically or on paper.
Electronic Priority Passes:
Go to  MyBC > WebAdvisor > Early Alert > Create Referral
After creating the referral online, give the student a copy of the referral confirmation page or instruct them to print out the referral email sent to them. The student will give the printout to the service provider.

Printed Priority Passes:
Printed Priority Passes and Service Provider lists are available at your department office. You can also print out the Priority Pass and the provider list by clicking on the following links.

Priority Pass
Priority Pass (pdf file)

Please print two copies:

  • Give one copy to student;
  • Send one copy to Vice President of Student Services via intercampus mail;
  • Optional: Keep one copy for your records.


Service Providers (PDF downloads)
Main Campus Service Providers (pdf file)
Chico Center Service Providers (pdf file)

If you need more Priority Passes and Service Provider lists, please email David Goodson or call him at 879-4343.