Butte College Emergency Food Pantry

Feed the hungry studentsThe Butte College Food Pantry was formed to help hungry students obtain food and resources to help them in their classes and to focus on their studies.

Eligibility Requirements

To use the Food Pantry, you must:

  1. Be a student enrolled in the current semester and regularly attending classes.
  2. Be using the Pantry on an emergency-only basis.
  3. Not use the Pantry more than twice a semester.


Pantry Locations

Main Campus   11am-3pm
Monday:       Career Counseling, SAS 210
Tuesday:      Office of the VP, Student Services, Campus Center, CC 141
Wednesday:  EOPS, SAS 281
Thursday:      Career Counseling, SAS 210


For more information or to inquire about how to make a donation, please email
Carrie Grahlman or call 530-893-7550