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Are You Ready to Learn Online?

Online Student Self-Assessment

Are you ready to learn online?

  1. Your need to take a distance course is:
    High - I need a specific course immediately to meet a goal.
    Moderate - I could take the course later, or substitute a different course.
    Low - I just need the units.
  2. Feeling you are a part of a class is:
    Not particularly necessary.
    Somewhat important.
    Very important.
  3. Face-to-face contact with instructors and peers is:
    Not very important to me.
    Nice, but not essential for me.
    Very important to me.
  4. When you need help understanding a subject:
    I am comfortable approaching an instructor to ask for clarification.
    I am uncomfortable approaching an instructor, but will ask for help.
    I generally will not ask the instructor for help.
  5. How would you characterize your time-management skills?
    I manage my time well and almost always turn in assignments on time. I rarely procrastinate.
    I manage my time adequately, but sometimes miss deadlines due to procrastination.
    Sign me up for procrastinator’s anonymous!
  6. Which best describes your work habits?
    I like to work independently. I’m a self-starter and take the initiative to complete coursework.
    I can work on my own, but occasionally I need external motivation from a mentor or peer in order to get my work done.
    I prefer the consistent motivation of a regularly-scheduled, face-to-face learning environment.
  7. Coming to campus on a regular schedule is:
    Extremely difficult. I often have other commitments (work, family, personal) during hours when classes are offered.
    A little difficult , but I can usually work around my class schedule.
    No problem.
  8. My comfort level with computers is:
    a. High - I enjoy using computers and do so frequently.
    b. Moderate - I use computers as necessary and when necessary.
    c. Low - I am uncomfortable using computers and avoid doing so whenever possible.
  9. I have access to the internet:
    a. Both at home and work (and school)
    b. At home or work.
    c. At school only.
  10. I use e-mail:
    a. Frequently, with a high degree of comfort.
    b. Occasionally, but have trouble with some features of my e-mail account.
    c.Seldom or never.
  11. I use word processing software:
    a. Frequently - I am quite comfortable with it.
    b. Occasionally - I am reasonably comfortable with it.
    c. Seldom - I am not very comfortable with it.
  12. I use the internet:
    a. Frequently - more than five times a week.
    b. Occasionally - more than once a week.
    c. Seldom or never.
  13. As a web user, I classify myself as:
    a. Proficient. I can navigate the WWW, use search engines, and perform assorted e-mail and word-processing tasks.
    b. Adequate. I have a basic understanding of and have used the Internet, and have a basic understanding of e-mail and word-processing software.
    c. Inexperienced. I am not familiar with the World Wide Web.
  14. As a reader, I consider myself :
    a. Good. I can read and understand text material without help.
    b. Average. I sometimes need help in understanding material presented in text form.
    c. Poor. I have difficulty learning by reading.

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Online classes may not the best option for you at this time. Please contact your counselor for other course options that may meet your needs.


Online classes may work for you.  Consult your counselor to further discuss whether online education is an option for you. 


Online classes are a good option for you.  You have many characteristics of the successful online student.

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