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Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard, which is based on the college's Progression and Completion Model (Educational Master Plan, page 30), provides a global view of how well the college is meeting the objectives it has identified in its Strategic Direction as well as its standards for student achievement and associated goals. This information is used provide the Board and district leadership with an overall view of institutional performance and to inform the annual review and refinement of the Strategic Direction and the college's goals for student achievement.

2013-2014 Balanced Scorecard
2013-2014 Balanced Scorecard Definitions
2013-2014 Balanced Scorecard Analysis

2012-2013 Balanced Scorecard

2011-2012 Balanced Scorecard
2011-2012 Balanced Scorecard Narrative

2010-2011 Balanced Scorecard

2009-2010 Balanced Scorecard

2008-2009 Balanced Scorecard

2008-2009 Balanced Scorecard Data Dictionary

The 2008-2009 Balanced Scorecard Analysis reviews the trends contained in the Balanced Scorecard, the implications of these trends, and recommends strategies to improve institutional performance. This document was discussed with the Planning and Budget Committee and the College Council to inform their efforts. The strategies in the Educational Master Plan, the Basic Skills Initiative, and the Title III Grant are specifically designed to improve institutional performance in these areas.

2007-2008 Balanced Scorecard
2007-2008 Balanced Scorecard Data Dictionary


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