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Students Receive Green Building and Energy Systems Certification

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Students Receive Green Building and Energy Systems Certification


Students in the Green Building and Energy Systems workshop series successfully earned certifications of completion. The workshop series was funded in part by a grant from Constellation Energy, the Butte College Foundation and the Training Place.

More than 40 people from local construction companies successfully completed a three-day Green Building and Energy Systems Workshop Series, May 3 – 5, offered at the Public Safety Training Grounds on the Butte College main campus.

The free workshop series focused on the fundamentals of Green Building through hands-on construction projects in the college’s Scenario Village, a law enforcement training facility on campus, designed to simulate a small street where peace officers in training may learn or refresh skills and abilities without risk of harm.

The participants in the Green Building Workshop “Energy Efficient Home Design,” learned the design requirements for Structurally Insulated Panel  (SIPS) Construction and the hands-on skills to use the specialized tools and skills necessary for SIPS assembly under the guidance of instructors Todd Harris, of Good Green Homes; Bill Yoskowitz, of Quality Homes; and Butte College instructor Jon Stallman.  Ferreira Construction and Williams Construction instructed innovative method of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building.  ICF walls are easier and faster to construct and provide lower air infiltration rates than typical wood frame construction. Houses constructed with ICF walls will have up to a 50 percent decrease in capacity of HVAC equipment over framed wall construction, improve building durability because they are more resistant to moisture, less attractive to termites and other pests, and more rot-resistant than wood-framed walls.

Stallman also  lead the Solar PV and Small Wind Workshop, “Power the Village” in which participants gained and understanding of the design requirements for residential Solar Photovoltaic systems along with the hands-on skills to assemble those systems.  Students were able to construct a roof mounted solar P.V. system, perform site assessments, and understand the design calculations.  Additional learning activities focused on design requirements and installation skills necessary to install a small wind turbine.  Students stood a 50 foot wind tower and learned trouble shooting strategies.

The 44 workshop attendees were awarded certificates of completion.  Professional expert instructors represented Good Green Homes, Woodrighte Construction, Ferreira Construction, Buttita & Associates, Williams Performance Construction, Chico Electric and Elite Solar. The workshop series was sponsored by the Butte College Foundation, a grant from Constellation Energy and the Butte College Training Place.

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