2014 - 2015 Clubs

Students Clubs offer you the opportunity to be involved. There are over 30 current clubs on campus that range from a social to political to academic focus. If you're interested in starting a club stop by the Office of Student Life in Campus Center 145.


African Student's Association

We are a group of African students that will share ideas on how to affect the college and Chico community with our cultures and values. It is also intended to raise funds for loans and scholarships to current and future African students at Butte College.

Advisor: Richard Campbell, 895-2552,

Ag Ambassadors Club

The mission of the Agriculture Ambassadors is community service, outreach, and socialization for students within the community and fundraising activities to support the leadership functions on a state and national level. The club is involved with Farm City Week, FFA Field Days, campus wide BBQ's, attends the national conference held at different universities each January and the state conference held in September. Teamwork, communication, group dynamics, human interactions and parliamentary procedure are included as learning activities for club members.

Advisor: Carrie Monlux,

Agape Christian Fellowship Club

On campus for anyone interested in the love and word of Jesus Christ.  Our meetings include worship, prayer, a Bible study, discussion and just hanging out.  The mission of this club is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the Butte College campus; the great commission as the Bible calls it.  Outreach activities such as fund raisers, street witnessing and food drives is definitely on our hearts as well.

Advisor:  Ruth Ann Hansen (SAS 245) 895-2339, or

Actively Moving Forward (AMF)

College students supporting college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one. Students discuss situations they've encountered, empathize with one another and share coping techniques. 

Advisor: Jennifer Hightower,

Anime Club

In the Anime Club our members can enjoy watching anime together on Mondays, followed by a riveting discussion. On Wednesdays, members can expect to relax, kick-back, and enjoy a planned activity ( i.e. karaoke, origami, presentations, guests, manga swap). Every semester we will hold a Cosplay Potluck and movie event!

Advisor: Keiko Tokuda,

Asian Student Association

The purpose of the Asian Students Association is to encourage and promote multicultural awareness within the campus and larger community. Asian cultures and traditions are honored through educational, cultural and social events such as multicultural fashion shows, dances and food fundraisers. The ASA is committed to the education and understanding of all students and their cultural backgrounds. Membership is open to all students who are interested in learning and contributing toward community diversity.

Advisor: Verla Winslow,

Association of CAD and Modeling

ACM exists to provide opportunities for students to expand learning beyond the traditional classroom, network with fellow students with like interests, obtain help from follow students and help build professional experience for future employment.

Advisor: Nathan Basurto,

Automotive Skills Club

Butte College Automotive Skills club has been created to prepare participating students for their future careers.  This will be accomplished by additional skills practice in preparation for competition.

Advisor: Doug Conrad 895-2448,
Advisor: Dale Alexander,

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is committed to raising the issues that affect the black community (and those associated with) in an effort to create awareness.

Advisor: David Goodson, 879-4343,

California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) Butte College Chapter

The Butte College chapter of C.S.S.C. is committed to bringing about sustainable initiatives, ideas and information for the entire Butte College community. 

Advisor:  Cynthia Bynoe,

Chess Club

Advisor: Colin Ferguson,

Chinese Student Association at Butte College

This association is uniting Chinese students at Butte College. Members in the association not only help Chinese students achieve their academic successes but also help other countries' students learn Chinese and accumulate more knowledge about Chinese culture.

Advisor: Duke Sun, 570-5390,

Computer Science Club (ACM Chapter)

The CSC/ACM is a social organization focused around computer technology with the goals of: education, assisting members with interaction and communication with the business world, assisting members with local community contact and/or service projects, providing a framework for organizing resources, and raising awareness of the Computer Science department and programs at Butte Community College through events and demonstrations.

Advisor: Linda Fischer, 893-7402,

Cultures and Civilization Club

The Butte College Culture and Civilizations Club is associated with the Honors Program. Nonetheless, all Butte College students are invited to join the club and participate in our activities regardless of whether or not they are also taking Honors courses. The primary purpose of the club is to improve and perpetuate the Honors Program, as well as promote academic growth and development at Butte College in general. Activities include get-togethers at faculty and student homes and participation in cultural events such as museum outings, plays, films, poetry readings, etc. For further information on the club or on the Butte College Honors Program, contact the club

Advisor: Cristina Dahl (LRC 334) 895-2278,

Deaf Education Awareness

To educate students, faculty and staff about sign language; the deaf culture and daily issues. To create a social network for those invested in learning sign language and educate about deaf culture while promoting awareness and advocacy.

Advisor: Laurel Hartley, 520-5694,

Drama Club

Advisor: Jerry Miller, 680-1002,

Enactus Club (formerly SIFE)

Enactus is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and high education to mobilize college students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business people. Participating students form teams on their college campuses and apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.

Advisor: Andy Radler (BE 121) 895-2245,

Environmental Horticulture Club

A networking group of horticulture and agriculture students who want to learn more about industry opportunities and the world of "hands on science" of food, fiber, and environmental production.

Advisor: Tip Wilmarth, 895-2540,

Fashion Club

Advisor: Martha Hope, 864-2345,

Feminist Union Club

The Feminist Union Club is committed to activism, education, empowerment, and networking with like-minded men and women on campus and in the community.

Advisor: Alicia Trider,

Advisor: Lauren Wilson,

Foreign Languages Club

The club consists of Butte College students who are either taking a foreign language(s) class, speak a foreign language(s), or are interested in a particular language or foreign languages in general.  With this shared interest adn communication arises the opportunity to find out about different countries, cultures and traditions, thus broadening any academically achieved concept with real-life application and surveying.

Advisor: Kerstin Grothe, 230-8232,
Advisor: Ileana Gantt,

Friends of the Refuge at Butte College

All are welcome to join us in exploring, learning about, and helping to restore the Wildlife Refuge at Butte College. We hold regular meetings and hikes on the main campus. We have adopted a restoration area on Clear Creek where we remove invasive plants and replant with natives. We also monitor the water quality at two sites on our creek. We participate in Earth Days, Energy Awareness Days, and the Campus Clean-up.

Advisor: Kelly Wood (LS 108) 895-2580,
Advisor: Ricky Wittsell (AHPS 251) 879-6194,

Fun Social Club

Social organization for DSPS students who attend Butte College.

Advisor: Laurel Hartley, 520-5694,

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

We hope to create and safe haven where everyone has the freedom to express themselves and ideas without judgment. We also hope to create awareness in our community about events and issues in the Gay Community. Membership will be open to everyone within Butte College. All members of our community are welcomed and encouraged to attend and participate in meetings.

Advisor: Jake Boone,

International Club

The International Club is for domestic and international students interested in social, cultural, recreational and educational activities that increase the interaction between international and domestic students. The club aims to welcome new international students and help international students adjust to life at Butte College. Club activities have included hiking, potlucks and restaurant dinners, interclub activities, a camping trip near Fort Bragg, a day trip to San Francisco, hosting international week, and the club meetings to plan various events.

Advisor: Laura Rapozo-Davis, 879-4341,
Advisor: Tom Grothe (LRC 264) 895-2241,

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA

Intervarsity is an interdenominational and multi-ethnic student movement with 900 chapters on campuses all over the US. We value making space for students of all backgrounds to ask their hard questions about God. 

Advisor: Lisa Christiansen,
Advisor: Liz Thrasher-Wheatley, 530-521-7242

Kickball Club - Field of Dreams

Our club is upbeat and helpful while keeping things safe and fun. It is a place where you can have time to get to know other students from other places, make friends and learn how to work as a team. Just like life, you work, you play hard.

Advisor: David Padilla, (530) 282-0651

Kinetic Sculpture Race Team

We hope to bring together art and engineering students to design, build, and compete in the annual kinetic sculpture race in Humboldt County. 

Advisor: Martin Wallace,

Advisor: Rusty Bogart,

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

Mormon students working together to provide service to the campus community.  The club is open to all Butte College students.

Advisor: Laurie Meyer,

Literary Arts Club

The Literary Arts Club is dedicated to making the literary world accessible for any and all who wish to participate. We believe that involvement with and exposure to the literary arts creates more compassionate, successful, engaged citizens. We also believe that everyone has a story to tell and that everyone can be inspired. With this in mind, we're committed to using digital tools to create a community of readers and writers, to provide forums for a variety of voices, styles and perspectives, and to publish and promote works of literary excellence.

We hope to achieve these goals by supporting local literary events, such as the Butte College Reading Series and the Wordfire creative writing conference (, and by promoting literacy and writing within our community and across generations through writing workshops and reading groups. Additionally, LAC members have the opportunity to collaborate with the larger community through editing and publishing internships, including internships with the Haberdasher ( and Floodplane.

Advisor: Jennifer White,

Marxist Student Association

Youth for International Socialism is a youth group for studying and supporting socialism and the ideas of genuine Marxism in the tradition of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. Through educational materials, discussion groups and more we work to spread these ideas to as many people as possible.

Advisor: Joe Rogers,


To promote math, engineering, science and possibly MESA. To provide an environment in which students can help each other on classes, homework, college applications, student habits, etc.

Advisor: Nena Anguiano (PS 118) 879-4301,

Motorsports Club

Learn about team building skills, pit crew responsibilities, event production, EPA requirements and SCCA safety rules and regulations.

Advisor: Brad Dressen, 895-2258,

Music & Audio Production Club

We organize and provide sound equipment for on and off campus events.  We specialize in musical events but also want to provide sound reinforcement for speakers, club outreach, events and fundraising.

Advisor: Jeff Pershing, 345-3596,

The National Student Nurses Association

The National Student Nurses Association is an organization designed for nursing students or future nursing students who have a desire to advance their knowledge of the nursing profession, and become a part of a group. The club does community service projects (Alzheimelrs Memory Walk in October), and does fund raising that allows nursing students to attend the California Student Nurses Association Convention every year.

Advisor: Shannon Claiborne, 895-2570,
Advisor: Jennifer Juhl-Darlington,
Advisor: Susan Craig,
Advisor: Laurie Meyer,

National Society of Leadership and Success-Sigma Alpha Pi

National organization that helps students discover and attain their goals, offering life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where students help one another succeed.

Contact: Student Life Office, 895-2428

Peace Project

Advisor: Christine Wood,
Advisor: Heather Johnson,

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for community college students. Our local chapter, Beta Theta Kappa, is engaged in a number of activities under the four hallmarks of Leadership, Service, Fellowship and Scholarship. To be eligible for Phi Theta Kappa, a student must have completed at least 12 associate-degree applicable units (numbered from 1 to 199) here at Butte College, with a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.5. He or she is then invited to affiliate with Phi Theta Kappa. Although many members of Beta Theta Kappa are also enrolled in Butte Colleges Honors Program, this is not a requirement.

Advisor: Brian Donnelly, 895-2866,

Pre-Health Professionals

Pre-Health Professionals are committed to improving health care; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine. We plan to attend many conferences that will inform our members on attending medical school. There are internships, scholarships and community service opportunities available.

Advisor: Dr. Andrea White, 895-2274,

Science Club

The Science Club at Butte College seeks to enrich and expand the experience of students of math, science and engineering. The Club creates a learning community by holding informal study sessions in which students network with one another, sharing knowledge and resources. In addition, the Club plans to conduct community outreach activities, including tutoring and scientific demonstrations for local K-12 schools, as well as projects to improve the Butte College campus.

Advisor: Bob White (PS 110)
Advisor: Lisa Nichols (PS 112)

Sports Medicine Club

Their mission statement is to increase the knowledge of Butte College students and the community regarding the professionals that makes up sports medicine (i.e. athletic training, orthopedics, general medicine, physical therapy, strength and conditioning, etc.). The use of guest speakers, in-service, internships, field trips and school functions to increase this knowledge. Members will be prepared to succeed onto the next level of education and towards their profession.

Advisor: Mario Vela (Trainer's Trailer, P.E. Department) 895-2370,

Student Veterans Organization

A network of Veterans who attend Butte Community College, gather for social events, promote the needs of Veterans and lobby for continued services.

Advisor: Colin Ferguson, 895-2993,
Advisor: Denis Ivey,

Symbiotic Solutions

We are studying and forming experiments to learn how to work with various ecosystems to clean up pollution in a more natural way, using the symbiotic relationships of plants, fungi and bacteria.

Advisor: Mike Matiasek, 895-2277,

U.S. Green Building Council Student Group

For students studying or interested in green buildings, social organization to foster fellowship, student programs and projects.

Advisor: David Anderson,
Advisor: John Dahlgren,

Welding Club

For students who want to expand their knowledge in the welding industry.  The club members are positive role models on campus by participating in community services and raising funds for scholarships.  The student's further their education and experience with field trips, guest speakers, and facility tours.

Advisor:  Trevor Robinson,, 895-2360 

Wellness Club

The Wellness Club wants to promote higher levels of health and wellness for Butte College students. We do this through talking and hosting activities.

Advisor: Camilla Bantum,