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Message from the Dean

The Library has recently transitioned to OCLC's WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a new web-based resource management system, to help students discover resources seamlessly, streamline library work processes, and take advantage of cloud computing:

How are libraries remaining relevant to today's students? For Butte College Library, the answer is a combination of old and new. Our Library continues to evolve around the students' needs, and that evolution encompasses many roles.

We still offer traditional services: books, journals, a place to study, and librarians to help find the information. Electronic resources make up a significant and growing portion of the information we provide. We are focused on outreach, as we continue to move beyond our physical facilities. Our librarians are available for research assistance through a variety of formats, including 24/7 e-mail and live chat, as well as via telephone during regularly-scheduled hours. Individual research consultations are available in-person and by phone. See Ask a Librarian for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Do students still use books in their research? The answer is an unequivocal "yes." The explosion of digital resources has changed libraries and information access. Our students expect information to be immediately available on their computer, phone or tablet. But students still need books. In our Library Usage Survey in 2010 and May, 2013, the majority of our respondents still prefer print books although the preference decreased from 62.7% in 2010 to 54.9% in May, 2013.

The six initiatives in Butte College Strategic Direction 2014-2015 include: "Enhancing a Culture of Completion and Academic Achievement, and Supporting Student, Faculty, and Staff Success." Our library is ready to support our students, faculty and staff by providing unique and compelling information to enhance their experience at Butte College.

Faculty: be sure to take full advantage of the Library's instruction videos and course-related library instruction, and services for faculty. Please familiarize yourselves with these services. We are here to help our students succeed!
Best of luck in the fall semester!

Luozhu Cen, Ph.D.
Dean of Library Services, Foreign Languages, TMI, Sociocultural Studies, Social & Behavioral Science
Phone: (530) 879-4050
Fax: (530) 895-2924

Library Committee

The Library Committee is comprised of faculty members representing all academic departments and programs. The Committee meets twice each semester and it is chaired by the Library Director. Each member serves a two-year term.

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Provide advice to help the library achieve its mission and realize its strategic plans.
  • Represent teaching and research interests relevant to the library.
  • Promote the library┬┤s role and enhance its effectiveness in the educational process.
  • Advise the library on collection, facility, and service policies and on new initiatives.
  • Acts as a channel of information between the Library and the academic departments and programs.

Member responsibilities are to:

  • Serve their departments and programs as a knowledgeable resource for library information.
  • Report to the department and programs they represent and recommend appropriate faculty action.
  • Communicate to the Library Director the needs of their departments and programs.

Membership: The committee consists of the Library Director and nine faculty members.

  • Director of the Library.
  • Three Faculty members from Career and Technical Education:
    • One from Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Allied Health (EMT / Paramedic; Nursing; Respiratory Care).
    • One from Business Education, Cosmetology, and Family and Consumer Sciences (Child Development / Home Economics; Tourism and Travel).
    • One from Fine Arts, and Communications Technology (Fine Arts; Computer Science; Telecommunications), and Industrial Technology (Automotive; Building Inspection Technology, Drafting/Engineering; Welding).
  • Four Faculty Members from Transfer and General Education:
    • One from Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Natural and Physical Sciences.
    • One from Health / Physical Education / Athletics / Dance / Recreation and Social and Behavioral Sciences.
    • One from Language and Performing Arts / Humanities.
  • One faculty member from EOPS and Special Programs
  • One faculty member from Counseling / Advising.

Library Committee Members

Dr. Luozhu Cen, Chair (Dean of Library Services, Foreign Languages, TMI, Sociocultural Studies, Social & Behavioral Science)

Dave Cooper (Art)

Dr. Duke Sun (Math)

Dr. Cristina Dahl (English)

Lisa Kekaha (LEAD)

Nicole LaGrave (LEAD)

Phoebe Hartt (Math)

Suzanne Wakim (Biological Sciences)

Dr. Wei-Ming Wu (Philosophy)

Dr. Sandra Sloan (BCIS)

TBA (Associated Students)

Library Unit Plans

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Unit Plan 2012-2013

Unit Plan 2011-2012

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Unit Plan 2009-2010

Unit Plan 2008-2009

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