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IT System Status

Outlook 2011 Configuration

Configuring Outlook 2011 for Office 365

New Account Setup

If this is the first time you are configuring Outlook 2011, you will be prompted with the Account Setup dialog:

Personal Details Window

Type in your information and click continue. Then choose "Add Account" from the next window:

Add Account Window

You may need to select the tools menu and click "Accounts":

Tools menu

The following window should appear. Choose "Exchange Account".

Add an Account

Enter your email address, set the authentication method to "User Name and Password", type your email address again for the User Name field, and type your password. Check the box labeled "Configure automatically". Then click "Add Account".

Account settings

You may receive a notice like the one below. Check the box labeled "Always use my response for this server", and click "Allow":

Server redirection message

The Accounts window will appear. The account has been set up and will take several minutes to synchronize with the server. This window may be safely closed. 

 Account Manager window

You're finished!

Existing Account Migration

If you are already using Outlook 2011 with your Butte College email account, your account migration should be nearly seamless. You may see the program icon for Outlook in your Windows task bar display a yellow exclamation mark sign.

You may also see the following message:

Change Required Alert Box

Simply check "Always use my response for this server" and click "Allow". You're done!



If you notice missing items, have troubles logging in, or have other issues, please contact the helpdesk at and use Outlook Web App until we are able to assist you.

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