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Android Configuration

Android Phone/Tablet Email Setup

Remove Your Old Exchange Account

If you have already been using your Butte College email on your android phone, you will need to remove the account:

  1. In the System Settings, scroll down to Accounts and select the entry for Exchange. It may be listed as Work or Corporate.
  2. Select your former Exchange account, then select Remove account at the bottom of the menu. Tap OK to confirm.

Add Your New Office 365 Account

Autodiscover Method: 

  1. In System Settings, under Accounts, select +Add Account.
  2. Select the option for Exchange. It may be listed as Work or Corporate.
    Type of Account Screenshot
  3. Configure your Exchange account in the provided fields.
    • Email Address: Your email address (e.g.,
    • Password: Your Butte College password
      Credentials Screenshot
  4. Your Android phone will try to set up your email account automatically.

Note: If you experience problems, try it twice, in case there was a mistype. Give autodiscover a chance to work.

Manual Method:

  1. Enter the manual setup option, available on most devices. Use the following settings (some of these fields may not appear on your device):
    • Email address/Username: Your email address
    • Server address/Server:
    • Domain: Leave blank
    • Username: Your email address
    • Password: Your password
    • Port: 443
  2. Enable/check the option for "This server requires an encrypted SSL connection", or select "SSL/TLS" as the security type
  3. Tap Next and choose which items you would like to synchronize, then select Done.
  4. Finally, you may be prompted to choose a name for the account you have just added.

Server Settings Screenshot

Note: If you experience problems, try this twice, in case there was a mistype.
If the autodiscover or manual method does not work, try rebooting the device.

Post-Setup Tasks

Some phones will request additional access once the account has been set up. Following are a few example screens with the correct choices to select marked in red.

 Security Prompt

Security update prompt

Security Prompt 2


If you notice missing items, have troubles logging in, or have other issues, please contact the helpdesk at and use Outlook Web App until we are able to assist you.


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