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IT System Status

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 -- Phase 2

Office 365 Logo

Current Status -- green light All Accounts Migrated

All accounts have been successfully migrated. Users may need to make some minor changes in order to start receiving their mail normally again:

Problems Accessing Your Email?

Fix your mail

Web-Based Email

When logging in to web-based email, you will need to log in twice. This is a temporary requirement until ITSS has finalized the migration.

The first time you log in, you will see the following error: 

OWA Error

Click the link, and reenter your credentials on the new page.

web-based email

Missing Mail

If you are missing mail, please follow the instructions located on our Missing Mail page.

Problems Logging In to another system?

Make sure you are entering the correct credentials.

Faculty and Staff email migration to Office 365

Last summer, Phase 1 of migrating to Office 365 was successfully completed with all Butte College student email accounts being migrated to Microsoft's Office 365.

Phase 2 of this project is the migration of faculty and staff email accounts to the new email service as well. The migration process has been tested extensively, and we are ready to commence with migration. Last summer, all Butte College student email accounts were migrated to Microsoft's Office 365, a hosted service that provides Exchange/Outlook email, calendaring, and other IT collaborative services in the cloud.

Beginning March 14th through March 23rd, Information Technology will migrate all local faculty, staff, management, and generic Exchange accounts to Exchange Online in the Office 365 cloud.

What am I getting?

Benefits of moving to the new email system:

  • Individual mailbox storage capacity will increase substantially to 25 GB (50 GBs in the future). With the current system, the capacity is set 300 MB for the majority of faculty and staff.
  • The campus will benefit from the broader, stronger email anti-virus and spam protection provided by Microsoft Office 365.
  • Support is expanded for additional browsers, i.e., Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • Off-campus users who currently access OWA will now have an interface that appears nearly identical to the campus desktop version for Outlook 2013.
  • Improved collaboration capabilities between all Butte College populations. Students, faculty and staff will all use Office 365.
  • The Butte College District will not pay to use Office365. The migration also means that the significant costs of both replacing the aging on premise hardware environment and upgrading the software will be avoided.
  • Secure access, security audits, service continuity, intrusion monitoring and high availability.

Your attention required--there is an impact to every account!

Spring break provides a good window to be able to migrate all accounts and be able to assist faculty and staff during what traditionally tends to be a calmer time of the semester for most. We are opting to migrate all mail accounts over a short period of time to minimize issues with calendar sharing, delegates, distribution list management, and authentication.

Many steps have been taken to prepare for a successful migration to the new email system. The IT teams have been preparing the infrastructure and testing the migration process for a few months.

  • Users will need to perform a few quick tasks to connect to the new service using their mail client, smart phone, tablet, etc. Help make your migration go smoothly by visiting for specific pre-migration instructions.
  • Migration should happen with little issue for most users if they have taken time to prepare
  • Your email account will be "unavailable" only when it is moving
    • most accounts migrate in about 1/2 hour
    • any incoming or outgoing email will be stored during this time until you are connected to the new service
  • Having client issues after migration? Your email will be available through a browser and logging in to Outlook Web Access (OWA). You will not be without access to email after migration

Do I need to learn a new email system?

No - not really. With Office 365 you can continue to use the same email client you use today. However, the new web client Outlook Web App does provide additional functionality that was not previously in the Butte OWA webmail system.

How will I access Office 365 email, calendar and contacts?

Almost everyone will be able to continue accessing their Butte email and calendar the same way they do right now. You can use any web browser or current Outlook clients. Office 365 works with Outlook 2010 and 2013 (Windows) and Outlook 2011 (Mac).
Limited functionality is possible with Outlook 2007 (Windows) and Entourage (Mac), but we recommend upgrading to a supported client.

IMAP clients such as Thunderbird, and Apple Mail/iCal can be used as well. However, some Office 365 functions, such as calendaring and the global address book, may not work.

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) supporting ActiveSync, such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phones, will work.

Do I have to do anything to my email account, computer and/or mobile phone to get ready?

Yes, in most cases you will need to make some changes. Some people will need to make a few changes before their account is moved, and everyone will need to make a change or two after the move. The necessary changes depend on how you currently access your email and calendar. Please see the Pre-Migration site.

Can I access other Office 365 Services?

Once we have our local email migrated to Office 365, we will initiate Phase 3 of this project and begin to test and determine the feasibility of other Office 365 technologies for potential use on campus. We hope to make these services available to our users in the near future so long as we can offer these services in a secure and supportable manner.

Office 365—Phase 3 (subject to change)

  • OneDrive (cloud storage for sharing documents with internal and external collaborators)
  • Web-based versions of MS Office (online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • Instant Messaging via MS Lync

Additionally, we plan to provide assistance to the campus in learning more about how the Office 365 tools can enhance the collaborative effort in our academic and administrative endeavors. 

Getting Help

  • Please visit for migration assistance, general O365 information, FAQs, help documentation, and links to training. We will continue to add important information to this site, so please visit early and often!
  • If you cannot resolve your issue after visiting our site above, please submit a support request to
  • Your request will be prioritized, and technical staff will be assigned to assist you based upon overall campus migration issues

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