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Thank you for being partners with us in encouraging, preparing, and assisting your high school students to plan for higher education. The Butte College Financial Aid Office is committed to working with you to provide information, outreach programs and educational materials to work toward our common goal of student success.                 Logo1                            

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IMPORTANT: New FSA ID to Replace the Federal Student Aid PIN: In spring 2015 the Department of Education will implement a new login process for the FAFSA on the Web and other federal websites. For more information CLICK HERE.

FINANCIAL AID BASICS: Learning the basics of financial aid.

FAFSA CHECKLIST: This form provides a list of what you need to complete the FAFSA. Students who are completing the California Dream Act can also use this checklist.

AM I DEPENDENT OR INDEPENDENT?: This form provides you with information to determine if your financial aid status is "Dependent" or "Independent."

WHAT IF I CAN'T PROVIDE MY PARENTS INFORMATION ON THE FAFSA DUE TO HAVING SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES?: This guide explains the criteria for submitting a FAFSA without parental information.

WHAT ARE THE FAFSA ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Students must meet a number of eligibility criteria to demonstrate the right to public funding of their higher education. Some eligibility conditions are confirmed through the application process by data base matches between the U.S. Department of Education and other federal agencies; other criteria must be documented and monitored by the school.

WHAT ARE THE AB540/CALIFORNIA DREAM ACT REQUIREMENTS: Students who are undocumented may apply for state financial aid. Please see AB 540 and the California Dream Act on our financial aid webpage or visit the California Dream Act Application Documents and Resources Page.

MONEY MATTERS CHECKLIST FOR NEW STUDENT: This is a guide that helps you understand the  financial aid process in six steps.

HOW TO USE THE IRS DATA RETRIEVAL TOOL: This video tutorial shows you how to transfer your and your parents tax information into your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval.

HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR 7 DAYS TO PAY STATUS: This is a MyBC student portal guide that helps you on how to identify if you are confirmed (SAFE) from the 7 Days to Pay Policy.

HOW TO CHECK FOR FINANCIAL AID "REQUIRED DOCUMENTS": This guide will help you to use your MyBC to identify missing required documents. Your financial aid file cannot be completed until you submit ALL required documents.

FORWARDING YOUR STUDENT EMAIL: This is a step by step guide on how to forward your Butte College student email to your personal email.

BC ACCESS CARD FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: This form provides you with information about the BC Access Card and answers the most common questions we hear. For more information about the BC Access Card, please hover on the Money Matters tab up above and click on Higher One.

FINANCIAL AID VIDEOS: These informational videos are provided by the Office of Federal Student

  Information for You: PDF Versions of Our Other Publications

Butte College Financial Aid Student Handbook - 2014-2015 edition available

Financial Aid from Start to Finish
A guide to types of aid available at Butte College, general eligibility requirements, and 6 STEPS that describe the process of applying through receiving financial aid funds. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.

Financial Aid "Alphabet Soup"
A short guide to financial aid words and terms. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.

Federal Direct Student Loans
A brief guide to the types of federal student loans. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing. Also see our Federal Student Loan web page.

Loan Exit Counseling for Federal Student Loan Borrowers 
A guide to exit counseling and information on repayment plans, loan consolidation, and how to avoid default. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.

NEW BORROWERS ONLY: 150% Maximum Eligibility Period for Subsidized Loans
Important consumer information for new Direct Subsidized Loan borrowers regarding new federal regulations limiting eligibility to 150% of the published length of the student's current educational program. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.