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Thank you for being partners with us in encouraging, preparing, and assisting your high school students to plan for higher education. The Butte College Financial Aid Office is committed to working with you to provide information, outreach programs and educational materials to work toward our common goal of student success. Please let us know what you need most so it can be included on this page. Share your feedback at or with the Reg 2 Go team:

Carolyn Stephen, Director of Financial Aid:  
Zariel Torres,

  About this Page

Summary of how we have organized our website. Note the following:

Important Dates in upper left-hand corner, linked to a calendar feed that shows upcoming dates or deadlines to note.

"Types of Aid"
Each type of aid has a full-page description and relevant information: Pell Grant, FSEOG, Cal Grant, Chafee Grant, Student Loans, Parent Loans, BOG Fee Waiver, Federal Work-Study, and Scholarships.

"Apply Here"
Includes separate pages for Eligibility Requirements, 6 Steps to Financial Aid, Independent or Dependent Status, AB 540 and Dream Act, Veterans (and Veterans Dependents), and Financial Aid Guide for Specific Programs.

"Forms and Links" 
Separated by function: Forms and Appeals (by year), Info Sheets & Publications, Helpful Links, and Student Loan Packet Links.

"Money Matters"
Individual web pages to help make financial aid more understandable: Cost of Attendance/Budget, 7 Days to Pay, Higher One (How to Receive Funds), Understanding the Award Letter, Disbursement Dates, and Net Price Calculator.

"Things to Know" 
Includes the Student Handbook, Consumer Information, Work Experience Eligibility, and a summary of newest regulatory changes

"Keeping Your Aid" 
Essential information for student. Includes Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, Return of Title IV Funds, Repayment Alert, and Repeat Coursework information.

Parents page! Refer your students' parents to their own page for basic financial aid information and recommended resources.

Financial Aid Videos and Tutorials

Counselor Newsletters

Designed to bring the most significant financial aid changes and seasonal concerns to your desktop.
Vol. 1, Issue 1, Reg2Go Counselor Breakfast edition
Features the new Financial Aid Website, Scholarships, Butte College Student Success Initiatives, Financial Aid and Social Media, Confidentiality and Student Identification.
Vol. 1, Issue 1, Reg2Go Counselor Breakfast edition
Features Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used policy, reduction in Cal Grant funding, Satisfactory Academic Progress, California Dream Act Application.
Vol. 1, Issue 2, Reg2Go Issue for Counselors 
Features Reg2Go and Financial Aid, Verification changes for 2013-2014, Higher One, Student Loans and Butte College.

  Information for You: PDF Versions of Our Publications

Butte College Financial Aid Student Handbook - 2013-2014 edition available

Financial Aid from Start to Finish
A guide to types of aid available at Butte College, general eligibility requirements, and 6 STEPS that describe the process of applying through receiving financial aid funds. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.

Financial Aid "Alphabet Soup"
A short guide to financial aid words and terms. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.

Federal Direct Student Loans
A brief guide to the types of federal student loans. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing. Also see our Federal Student Loan web page.

Loan Exit Counseling for Federal Student Loan Borrowers 
A guide to exit counseling and information on repayment plans, loan consolidation, and how to avoid default. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.

NEW BORROWERS ONLY: 150% Maximum Eligibility Period for Subsidized Loans
Important consumer information for new Direct Subsidized Loan borrowers regarding new federal regulations limiting eligibility to 150% of the published length of the student's current educational program. Available in a tri-fold format ready for printing.