What is a VIP PASS?
A VIP Pass is a paper or electronic form initiated by any staff or faculty member which designates a student to receive priority student services. You can access VIP Passes here.

Who needs a VIP PASS?
Any student with an acute, urgent, personal challenge that is out of the ordinary and might prevent the student from being successful at Butte College can be given a VIP Pass to receive appropriate services. (Early Alert is not designed to allow students to ‘go to the front of the line’ for needs that are shared by all – such as the need for planning prior to registration.)

How do I refer a student to receive priority services?

For Paper VIP Passes:

Complete one paper or electronic VIP Pass for each service to which the student is being referred. Make sure you fill in the student ID number and date on a paper VIP Pass. (You can access VIP Passes in your department office or by clicking here,  VIP Pass).

Give the student the white copy of the Pass and the list of service providers.

Send the pink copy to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services (Campus Center 141) via intercampus mail. If you printed the VIP Pass from this website it will not be in its color-coded triplicate form. Instead, simply send a duplicate copy of the paper referral to the Office of the VP of Student Services, so we know you made a referral.

Keep the yellow copy for your own records.

The student will give the white copy to the service provider.

For Electronic VIP Passes: 
If you are using an electronic VIP Pass, give the student a copy of the referral confirmation page or instruct them to print out the referral email sent to them. The student will give this page to the service provider.

Can a student refer himself?
No, a student cannot refer himself, but can talk to any staff or faculty member who can initiate a VIP Pass for the student.

Will the student get immediate help if I give her a VIP pass?
The student will receive priority services. Depending on the service provider, the student may be seen immediately or as soon as possible.

What kinds of services are available for students in need?
Students can receive services from Assessment, Career Center, Center for Academic Success, Counseling, Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS), Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), Financial Aid, Food Pantry, Job Placement, Library Reference Services, Safe Place and Wellness Program, Student Health Clinic, Transfer Counseling Center, TRiO Student Support Services, and Veterans Affairs.

Who can I talk to if I have other questions?
You can call the Counseling Office at 895-2378 or talk to any Committee Member. You can find their phone numbers on the side bar.

Does Early Alert have an office?
No. Early Alert is the name of the process we use for serving our students.