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DSPS Advisory Committee

What is the purpose of the advisory committee?

Each district receiving funds pursuant to this subchapter shall establish, at each college in the district, an advisory committee which shall meet not less than once per year.

The advisory committee shall, at minimum, include students with disabilities and representatives of the disability community and agencies or organizations serving persons with disabilities.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 67312, 70901, and 84850. Education Code Reference: Sections 67310-12 and 84850, Education Code.



Within the California Community College system, a broad scope of support services, educational accommodations, and instruction is provided to assist students with disabilities achieve their personal, vocational, and educational goals. To assist the Community College in receiving the locally needed input from the community, an Advisory Committee is selected to provide information and resources. This committee should represent a broad cross section of the community.

The Advisory Committee is extremely important because it is a mechanism to (1) improve communication; (2) solicit the confidence of the public; (3) obtain valuable input on the programs and services available to students with disabilities.


Definition of Advisory Committee

A Community College Advisory Committee for DSP&S may be defined as a group of individuals selected from the segment of the community that comprises a specific interest in the knowledge of the needs of individuals with disabilities. The advisory committee is usually formally organized, and is appointed by proper authority for a definite term. In some situations, an informal or “ad hoc” committee used for special purposes. Advisory committees have no authority to delegate or legislate.


Approved Minutes

September 2012 Minutes

March 2014 Minutes

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