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Have a quick question and no time to fit an appointment with a
Career Counselor in your busy schedule?
Not a problem!  Announcing the new LIVE CHAT

August and September Live Chat Calendars


Pacific Standard Time

HOW DOES ASK A CAREER COUNSELOR WORK? When the button (below) says “Online” this means that a Career Counselor is available to hold a live chat with you right now. 

When the button says “Offline”, you can still ask a Career Counselor a question by email.  When using email, you will receive a response within 24 hours (except Holidays and weekends).  

WHAT CAN YOU ASK A CAREER COUNSELOR DURING A CHAT?  You can ask basic questions about your career life planning.  They could include but are not limited to questions about:

  • Career assessments
  • Choosing a college major or program of study
  • What can I do with a ____________ major?
  • What license or degree do I need to get into _____________ (career)?
  • Where can I get the training and/or degree I need for this _________ (job)?
  • Questions about career decision-making

Periodically, commonly asked questions on the chat line may be selected and added to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on the Career Services page.  Questions and answers that are selected are placed on the FAQ page anonymously to maintain integrity and privacy of the chat users and career counselors. 

Ask A Career Counselor is designed to answer your general career life planning questions.   

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