History of the Culture & Community Center

Like all important things, the idea and need for the center is not new one, but one that has been germinating for a long time and in many minds & hearts. And like all important things, it takes an event or person or both to get a great idea moving

The event occurred in August 2008 – David Goodson & Peggy Jennings Severe were invited to attend a wonderful event at Chico State, the Grand Opening of their Cross-Cultural Leadership Center.

The person who invited them to attend the event was Matt Jackson. Matt is credited with planting the seed of possibility in both of David and Peggy.  What Matt did, somewhat subtly, was embolden David and Peggy to act. He presented them with a vision. He led them to the water.Next we pulled a campus village together where none existed before:

The Campus Village

Then we took to the Road and visited:

1. Chico State CCLC

2. UC Davis Cross Cultural Center

3. CSUS Multi-Cultural Center

4. Sacramento City College – Cultural Awareness Center

We gathered Letters of Support from the BSU, MeCHa, International Student Club and even NIC, an English Language college in Japan who sends us international students each year.

We drafted a proposal and mission statement & submitted it to my boss, Al Renville, the receptacle and advocate for all my great and not so great ideas and he in turn did what he does so well, sold it to the Executive Committee. To their credit, they accepted the concept immediately. They also committed to finding a location on campus and providing furniture and equipment.

Now we needed an operating budget and staff. Without hesitation, the Butte College Associated Student stepped up and put their money where their values were and provided.

Next, we needed to find a realtor because finding and claiming space on this campus can get ugly. Our realtor, the one who put the stick in the ground and help us claim our spot on campus, was Mike Miller.

Then we got busy trying to define, understand and live our Mission Statement.

CCC Mission Statement

The Culture & Community Center will advocate for and empower Butte College's diverse community by providing educational programs and cultural events in a safe and interactive environment where people gather to learn about themselves and others.

The CCC Future

Now you know our history, but what about the future...

This is just the beginning of the story. In a large sense, we are just beginning to create what the Culture & Community Center will become and we can't or shouldn't do it alone. We need your help. You represent our extended village or family. With your support, guidance, wisdom, ideas and feedback, we can make the CCC a vibrant, meaningful, responsive and ever-evolving Center. Together, we can make a Center where each of us will routinely "gather to learn about ourselves and others."

Written by Peggy Jennings-Severe