2013-14 Unit Plan
Campus Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the Butte College Welcome Center is to provide accurate and current information about Butte College’s services, programs, procedures, deadlines and directions.  This is accomplished in a supportive environment that empowers students.

Program Description

As one of the main sources of general information regarding Butte College, the Welcome Center provides students with a variety of services including information on student services, class locations, instructor locations, campus maps, activities on campus, instruction on how to register and help in re-setting My BC Portal passwords.

Future Development Strategy

Strategy 1

1.    Continue to develop and utilize the Information Cube to support all Student Services Offices (help lessen lines) and help address the increase in student traffic during registration periods, financial aid deadlines and other high volume times.

  • Inspiring passion through collaboration
  • Focusing on student success
  • Enhancing an innovative, responsive, and accountable culture

  • Supporting Rationale

    Supporting Rationale Alignment
  • Supports Changes from Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Increasing student success
  • Required Resources

    One Time Requirements:
    $2,573.00 – Non-instructional Supplies:  Laser Jet Printer for Welcome Center – HP Laser Jet 600 M603XH Monochrome Printer.  Our current black and white printer is at least 8 years old and the printing quality is poor.  Since we communicate with prospective students both domestic and international as well as other schools, we would like our printed documents to reflect our college.

    $579.14Non-instructional SuppliesLaser Jet Printer for Info Cube -- Replace printer in Info Cube with an HP Laser Jet Printer P3015N.  The black and white laser printer in the Info Cube is used by students to print schedules, financial aid documents and other student services documents.  During the beginning of the semester, this printer is used extensively by students and often prevents students from having to stand in line to obtain needed information.  The current Info Cube printer is not reliable.  

    Total One Time Requirements:  $3,152.14

    On-Going Requirments:
    $2,800 -- Staffing for the Information Booth  (25 hours per week at $8.00 per hour for 14 weeks a year)

    $400.00Duplicating Supplies:  Paper and toner for printer for student use in Info Cube

    Total On-Going Requirements:  $3,200.00

    Current Revenue Stream

    2012 -2013 Student Information Budget:  $332,413

    2012-2013 Student Information One Time Money:  $25,000
    (Some one time dollars were for School Relations – Please see School Relations)

    Augmentation Requests

    Original Priority Funded Program, Unit, Area Resource Type Description Account Number Object Code One-Time Augment Ongoing Augment Supporting Rationale
    1 Yes Campus Information Personnel Staffing for Information Booth 11.000.708.1.649002. 52368 $0.00 $2,800.00 25 hours per week for one student at $8.00 per hour for 14 weeks a year. Significantly reduces the number of students in other student services lines during high traffic times. Allows students to quickly get answers to questions.
    2 Yes Campus Information Operating Expenses Duplicating Supplies 11.000.708.1.649002 54200 $0.00 $400.00 Paper and toner for student use to print out schedules, financial aid information and other student services documents in the Information Cube.
    3 Yes Welcome Center Equipment Printer for Welcome Center 11.000.708.1.649002 54500 $2,573.00 $0.00 Our current black and white printer is at least 8 years old and is producing inferior copies. Since we communicate with prospective students, we would like our printed documents to reflect the standards of the college.
    4 Yes Welcome Center Equipment Info Cube Printer 11.000.708.1.649002 54500 $579.00 $0.00 Laser jet printer for the Info Cube. The current printer spends much time not functioning properly. This printer is used by our students to print schedules, needed financial aid information/documents and other student services information.
    Total(s) $3,152.00 $3,200.00