2013-14 Unit Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to meet the mathematics needs of all Butte College students by offering quality mathematics instruction. Our department serves three primary groups of students: developmental, transfer, and STEM majors. Through our commitment to excellent teaching in a supportive environment, our students develop mathematical expertise, comprehension, and confidence.

Another mission is to accelerate students in developmental math classes as quickly as possible, concluding their math courses with a passing grade in a transfer-level math class within two years of starting at Butte College.

Program Description

The mathematics department offers a comprehensive two-year program leading to an Associate of Science Degree in Mathematics. The submission of the AS-T in Mathematics will be complete spring 2013. The major is designed for students who will transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a degree in mathematics. The program allows the students to transfer with all of their freshman and sophomore requirements completed. The mathematics department also offers courses designed as general education courses for other majors (Business, Liberal Studies, etc.) and a complete developmental and basic skills program for students who need remediation before entering a transfer-level mathematics course. Recently, nearly every section of math we offer, from developmental math through calculus, are at or over 100% capacity with full wait lists.

Most math classes offered on the main campus are scheduled in the Technology (TE) building. The TE building has nine classrooms and a math-only computer lab, used for Math 217 classes and is available as a drop-in lab to all Butte students taking a math class requiring online homework. For one year, we have been allowed to schedule classes in LB-105. We have continued the use of Supplemental Instruction (SI) in Math 31 and have greatly expanded the use of SI in all of our Math 217 sections. Two classrooms (TE-104 and TE-106) have high-end Wolf Vision cameras.

Beyond the main campus, we schedule 16-17 classes at the Chico Center, 17-19 classes in the evenings at Chico State, 5 classes in Glenn County, and one class in Paradise. We currently offer 18 sections of math during the summer.

Future Development Strategy

Strategy 1

  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale

    Supporting Rationale Alignment

    Strategy 2

  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale

    Supporting Rationale Alignment

    Strategy 3

  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale

    Supporting Rationale Alignment

    Strategy 4

  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale

    Supporting Rationale Alignment

    Required Resources

    i. Physical Facilities (new construction, renovations, remodels, or leased facilities needed to meet the development strategy)


    The Technology Building needs to be remodeled. This has been confirmed and approved by every level of administration up to the President. Our math department along with Facilities has met with state architects to redesign the building. We are ready any time. Until the remodel happens, the Technology building will continue to be the least student/teacher-friendly building on Butte’s campus.


    Of the nine TE classrooms, only four (104, 105A, 106, and 128) are properly outfitted with 35-40 desks and smart-room technology. Two other rooms (110 and 111) contain smart-room technology, but use some folding chairs to make the cap of 35 because of the room layout. Two other rooms (116 and 118) contain smart-room technology, but only seat 32, while our final room (105B) has no smart-room technology and a room cap of 30. We continually ask other departments at the beginning of each semester to use spare rooms to hold our overflowing classes.


    The math department was able to schedule classes in LB 105 for 2012/2013 and we ask to continue to be able to schedule math classes in that room.


    With talk of not using Chico State to staff evening math classes and the likelihood of the Chico Center closing all day on Fridays, our access into the Chico area is being compromised. The brand new Skyway Center is underused and we are asking to have full access to one or two rooms, outfitted with ample whiteboard space and a quality camera/projector.


    The following are other upgrades to the Technology building that would improve the mission of our department:


    The women’s restroom needs to be expanded or swapped with the men’s restroom. It is severely inadequate for the amount of daily traffic that comes through the Technology building.


    The HVAC in some rooms shuts down when adjacent rooms are unoccupied. This is due to two rooms sharing one thermostat.


    Sound-proofing is needed between adjacent classrooms, offices, and restrooms.


    There continues to be leaking through the ceiling every winter.


    Damaged ceiling tiles (due to leaking) need to be replaced in many of the classrooms.


    The Technology building needs to be renamed Mathematics. All signage would need to be replaced.

    The rooms need to be re-numbered into a more logical pattern.


     ii. Other One-Time Requirements (non-recurring requirements for equipment, projects, etc. needed to meet the development strategy)


    We are requesting an upgrade to our smart room equipment. The document cameras purchased originally are sub-standard. They do not allow 90-degree image rotation, the lighting is either too dark or displays a glare, and they don’t focus when zoomed in. Therefore, we are requesting an upgrade to high-end Wolf Vision cameras in seven rooms (105A, 105B, 110, 111, 116, 118, and 128). The cost for each camera is $3100.


                iii. On-Going Requirements (personnel/staffing/service contracts/on-going equipment needed to meet the development strategy)


    Keep the Technology building open until 2:30pm on Friday’s to accommodate the five classes that continue to meet. It currently closes at 1:00pm.


    Reinstate the department secretary to a 12-month position. We offer 18-20 sections of math each summer and the transitions from spring to summer and from summer to fall semesters requires secretarial support.


    We continue to have a strong need for student graders. Our department expectation is that every math instructor assigns daily homework that must be collected and graded. The volume of paper that must be administered can only be dealt with adequately if we have student assistants help grade. Even with many instructors using online homework, the majority of our associate faculty and about half of our full-time faculty still depend on graders.


    We need a coordinator for the Self-Paced Remediation program that began fall 2012. This program is based on the web-based math site, MyMathTest. The coordinator will be the administrator who will work individually with students as they work through the self-paced modules and assessments. We are requesting a $3000 per year stipend for this position.


    On-going funding of the computer lab to hire student assistants, math tutors, proctors, and instructor release time will need to be institutionalized. We are hoping to expand the use of the computer lab in the tech building to serve as a working space for students to do online homework and work on developing basic math skills using a dedicated online math service (MyMathTest). The lab will need to be staffed with faculty and student assistants in order to service the students using the lab. At first faculty can use office hours as time spent in the lab helping questions. But we also need student math tutors to help students in the lab. We are requesting funding for 50 hours a week of student assistants. The lab will be open for drop-in service 25 hours per week, having two student assistants serving as tutors. Student assistants would also be expected to serve as test proctors and homework graders as needed. The expense for student assistant coverage is $2048 per semester (16 hours per week, 16 weeks, $8 per hour).


    The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, coordinated by April Hennessy in CAS, has been shown to increase student success in courses in Mathematics, specifically Intermediate Algebra (SP10, FA10); Calculus II (FA09 through SP13); Calculus I (SP12); and Statistics (SP12). Each semester the program grows in terms of student participation, but is limited by funding to hire and train student SI leaders. This program supports several strategic initiatives, most prominently “Focusing on Student Success.” Unlike tutoring or other learning assistance, SI fosters interdependence among students and independent study skill development that support student success beyond the individual course, instructor, or SI leader. We are happy to hear that a new CAS position will be created and filled by fall 2013 that includes a full-time SI coordinator.


    Our full-time faculty has been reduced to eleven with the departures of Faina Goberstein and Dave Dully. We are fortunate to have been given the opportunity to hire two full-time replacements to be ready by fall 2013. Our part-time faculty count currently stands around 30-32. We hired six new part-time instructors in 2012/2013 and look to hire 2-4 more in fall 2013.

    Current Revenue Stream

    Our budget is the only source of guaranteed revenue for the math department.

    Augmentation Requests

    Original Priority Funded Program, Unit, Area Resource Type Description Account Number Object Code One-Time Augment Ongoing Augment Supporting Rationale
    1 Yes Mathematics Personnel Student assistand money for graders 11.000.615.1.170100 52468 $0.00 $12,800.00 Students necessary grade daily homework for instructors.
    2 Yes Mathematics Personnel Stipend for Self-Paced Remediation Coordinator 11.000.615.1.170100 $0.00 $3,000.00 Self-Paced Remediation project needs a "point person" to administer and direct students.
    3 Yes Mathematics Personnel Student assistant money for Computer lab monitors, tutors, and proctors 11.000.615.1.170100 $0.00 $4,096.00 Self-Paced Remediation project needs a "point person" to administer and direct students.
    4 Yes Mathematics Personnel Restore department secretary to 12-month position 52120 $0.00 $2,000.00 Need for full-time, year-round secretarial support.
    5 Yes Mathematics Equipment Two smart classrom upgrades (TE 105A and TE 128) 11.000.615.1.170100 54311 $6,200.00 $0.00 Replace sub-par equipment.
    Total(s) $6,200.00 $21,896.00