Online Classes & Services

Why Take an Online Class?

Need to complete a transfer degree (AA-T or AS-T)?
Butte College offers many online courses that will help you complete the transfer degree!

Can't come to campus?
If you have work or family responsibilities during the day, online classes are a great opportunity to continue your education on your own time. Saves gas, too!

Are you an independent learner?
If you're a serious, self-motivated learner, online classes may be just your style!

How Do I Enroll in an Online Class?

Complete the enrollment steps and enroll in online classes the same as with on-campus courses.

Reality Check: When you enroll in an online course, you may notice something peculiar in the "day" and "time" column of your registration. Rather than say "online," it says TBA (or To Be Announced).

Some students have mistakenly thought that someone would contact them about the start date of their online courses. Sadly, some have waited in vain for several weeks after their courses had already started.

The reality is that the course starts on the date listed in "Search for Classes" (which is generally the first day of the semester). Don't be fooled. The "TBA" is just a placeholder used for all online courses in the registration process.

​You MUST access your online course within the first 24 hours of class, or you may be dropped as a "No Show." Here's how!

  1. Log in to MyBC.
  2. Click the "Course Access" button.
  3. In the list of courses displayed, click on the name of your online class (do this for each of your online courses!).
  4. On the course home page, click on the syllabus (which you can read and download) and follow instructions given in the Welcome, Orientation or first Module.

How Do I Add an Online Class?

If an online class is full, you may be able to add yourself to the waitlist. Here's how it works!

1. Before class begins:
If you've been able to put yourself on the waitlist, you'll automatically be enrolled as other students drop and space becomes available.

2. The day class begins: You will not be added automatically, even if there is space. If you're inter- ested in adding the course, email the instructor from your Butte College email account within 24 hours of the start of the course. (The instructor's email address is in the Directory listing.)

Please provide the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your Butte College ID
  • Your Butte College email address
  • The name of the course you want to add

3. If you can be added, the instructor will send instructions to your Butte College student email account.

4. It's important that you log into MyBC and check your student email account daily. You're encouraged to add your student account to your mobile device.

Diana Chang, student

View Online Classes

Screenshot of class search showing where to click to select All Open Classes

You can search for just online classes that are open!

Go to Search for Classes, fill in the term and choose "online" as the location. Then check "only show open classes" and click Search. It may take 30 seconds or more for the real-time search window to load in a new tab.

Butte College online courses require an Internet connection and a fairly recent computer, or access to a computer lab. To succeed, you'll need to be a motivated, independent learner with good time management skills. Not there yet? We'll give you encouragement along the way!

What are the technical requirements?
You can check your browser with one click.

Am I ready for an online course?
Includes short tips-and-tricks videos.

How do I create a printable study schedule?
You've come to the right place!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions such as:

  1. What if I can't access the course on the first day of class?
  2. Where do I find the class syllabus?
  3. Do I need to access my course at a specific time each day?
  4. How do I get the textbooks for the course?
  5. I have a specific question about the course and have contacted the instructor but I haven't heard back. What should I do?

Student Technical Support

Canvas Help (link to Canvas student guide which includes mobile apps). For more Canvas help, click on the ? icon on the left-hand page in your Canvas course.

Tutoring (link to the Center for Academic Success; contact CAS to make arrangements for online tutoring in math or other subjects) Full online tutoring for most all subjects including math, English, writing, econ and more are available free from NetTutor within your online course or ask your instructor to add NetTutor.

Counseling and Advising (link is to Butte College counseling services, some of which can be conducted online).