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Recording Arts for Musicians

Recording Arts for Musicians

Recording Arts for Musicians provides students with fundamental knowledge and understanding of audio recording techniques and applications. Selected courses will enhance student’s ability to apply musical elements throughout the recording process. Students learn recording techniques and how to operate the equipment used in recording music. Courses include hands-on exposure to production processes such as tracking, overdubbing, mixing and mastering by participating in recording sessions.

Example Recordings

Suggested sequence

Suggested sequence of classes for completion of the certificate in recording arts for musicians:
Fall: mus2, mus 51, mus 52, and 1.5 units of mus 14,30 or 40
Spring: mus 53, mus 54 and 1.5 units of mus 14, 30 or 40

Information for these classes can be found here.

Student survey

If you intend to complete the certificate in recording arts for musicians please complete the student survey. The information provided will only be used to make the teaching staff aware that you intend to earn the certificate, and give instructors some background on your knowledge and experience in music and recording. Student Survey.

Certificate checklist

Certificate checklist: please print this checklist and fill it out as you complete the required recording and music classes for the certificate in recording arts for musicians. When you complete all classes in the program please turn in this form with your student ID on it to the music department, Attn: Krista Colette

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