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Spam & Phishing

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Spam & Phishing

Criminals and hackers are constantly coming up with new schemes designed to compromise computers, trick you into revealing valuable information (personal, financial, etc.), steal passwords, or trick you out of money.

How to protect yourself:

  • Don't respond to email, phone calls, or pop-ups asking you for your password. You should never disclose your password to anyone, even if they say they work for Butte College, ITSS, or other campus organizations.
  • Don't open files, click links, or call numbers in unsolicited emails
  • If you can't verify it is legitimate, ignore or delete it.
  • Cryptic or shortened URLs (e.g. Tiny URLs) are particularly risky because you can't easily tell where they are supposed to go.
  • Don't give sensitive personal, financial, log-in, business, system or network information to anyone you don't know or who doesn't have a legitimate need for it -- in person, over the phone, via e-mail, IM, text, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Below are just a few examples of real phishing attempts:

Subject: District Retirement

To: All School Personnel

From: National Educational Services

The Federal Government & IRS have made available to you the Tax Sheltered Annuity for Educators, Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue code enables you as a school district employee to keep significant dollars in Federal and/or State Taxes.

This is completely deductible from taxes. This can replace your IRA (Individual Retirement Account). To learn more about this program which you are eligible for, please use the Information
Request below.

Information Request Form

Please note this is only available to school district employees.

Thank you,

National Educational Services

Our mission is to establish trust and a long lasting relationship with our clients. This commitment has served us well throughout the years. We take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning
to us for advice.

If you prefer not to receive this information in the future.

This Email is from Butte College, we will be making some vital E-mail account maintenance to ensure high quality in Internet connectivity in the 2014 fight against spam and improve security, all Mail-hub systems will undergo regularly scheduled


To confirm and to keep your account active during and after this process.Kindly Click or copy the Universal Web Link and fill the following information:

<link removed>

Butte College

Steven Gregson,


Subject: Notice!!..

Attn: Faculty/Staff/Students,

Your email account will soon be suspended (Reason: Quarterly quota maintenance). To update your email account, please Click Here <link removed> immediately for reactivation of your mail account.

This mail is sent to you from our secured CSSD service Center. Please follow instruction on this message and your account will be updated within 24hours.

We sincerely apologize for this unusual problem.

Thank you for using our online services.


You are currently running on low mail Quota due to hidden files and folder on your mailbox.

Please Click Here <link removed> Confirm your account.

This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email.

ITS Admin
ITS Department.

Subject: Acccount suspended


A few of your incoming mails were placed on pending status due to the recent upgrade to our database. In order to receive
your messages,click on the link below to
login and wait for response from Webmail.

HERE <link removed>

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate
your understanding.

Thank You.

Good morning,

We will be performing emergency maintenance on our network equipment.

Anticipated downtime will be approximately 60 minutes. This will affect both internet access and phone service.

Click on the below link and follow the instructions

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

Help Desk

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