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The District-paid medical benefit covers all full-time regular classified, academic, and MSC employees, members of the governing board, and eligible family members (children to age 26).
Eligibility is the first day of the month following the employee’s date of hire. Plans with a lower cost are available. Employees who opt for a lower cost plan will receive the difference as taxable income on their payroll checks. The base plan is Option I-Silver.

Butte College is part of the Butte Schools Self-funded JPA (BSSP) that funds the cost of medical claims with its own dollars.  Although providers and members see Anthem Blue Cross on the insurance, BSSP pays the full cost of all claims.  Plan deductibles run on a fiscal year basis from July to June.

Phantom Coordination of Benefits
If a full-time eligible employee's spouse or domestic partner works full-time and is entitled to health and welfare coverage through his/her employment at a cost of less than $125 per month, the spouse or domestic partner must take at least the minimal medical plan offered.  This requirment applies only to the spouse or domestic partner and not to the dependent children.  If a working spouse or domestic partner does not take the coverage offered by his/her employer, the BSSP medical plan will estimate the other group's plan benefits to be 80% of covered expenses incurred (after a $250 deductible) and BSSP will only pay 20% of the bills submitted for payment.

Contact Human Resources immediately to report any change in dependent status. A new baby must be added within 31 days of birth. A spouse or domestic partner must be added within 31 days of marriage or the issuance of a Declaration of Domestic Partnership by the State of California, or a similar declaration issued by another state.

Associate Faculty have the option to purchase limited benefit medical plans through a third-party administrator.  Contact Human Resources for more information.

Contact Information
Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs

(530) 879-7438

Anthem Blue Cross
Claims:  P.O. Box 60007, Los Angeles CA 90060
Customer Service: (800) 627-5342
BC PPO (out-of-state) Providers: (800) 810-2583


Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information 530.895.2511

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