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MOU/Delination of Duties

Delineation of Roles and Responsibility Statement

Butte-Glenn Community College District (BGCCD)
California School Employees Association (CSEA) #511
Butte College Classified Senate (BCCS)

The purpose of this document is to clarify the different roles that CSEA, Chapter 511 and the Butte College Classified Senate fulfill in representing classified employees on the Butte College campus. Although both organizations represent all Butte College classified employees, each has a distinct charter with differing objectives. Pursuing the objectives of one organization within the framework of the other can be redundant or even counterproductive, diluting the overall effectiveness of the organizations in serving classified employee interests. By Clearly understanding each organization's charter, we ensure that classified employees have input into the shared governance process while at the same time are assured that classified bargaining rights are protected.
This document is an agreement between the Butte-Glenn Community College District
Classified Senate and CSEA, Chapter 511 of the roles and responsibilities herein.


Statement of Purpose
Butte-Glenn Community College District Classified Senate

The Butte-Glenn Community College District Classified Senate promotes the interests of all Butte College classified staff in accordance with AB 1725 mandates.

The purpose of this organization is to provide a vehicle by which the classified staff is able to fully participate in the process of achieving the goals and mission of the college and promoting a successful learning environment for students. It shall be the function of the Classified Senate to participate in the governance of Butte-Glenn Community College on a consultive level: to actively collect, evaluate and disseminate information for the classified staff; and to represent those interests in non-bargaining agent (CSEA) issues before and on any governance or non-hiring college committee. The Classified Senate shall also promote professional and personal development through participation for all classified staff.


Statement of Purpose
Exclusive Bargaining Agent - Butte-Glenn Community College CSEA Chapter 511

The California School Employees Association, Butte-Glenn Community College Chapter 511, hereafter referred to as the Association, shall be recognized as the "exclusive" representative for the classified employees within its bargaining unit. The Association expresses the viewpoint of the classified bargaining unit to the college administration and Governing Board in matters regarding Collective Bargaining.

The rights and responsibilities of the Association derive from the Public Employees Relations Act (SB 160, Rodda), from the interpretations of this Act by the Public Employees Relations Board, by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Past Practice, and other applicable laws. The Association's scope of representation shall include all matters dealing with the collective bargaining process, wages, hours of employment, workload, terms and conditions of employment, classified service on all hiring committees, and all areas covered in the Butte-Glenn Community College Chapter 511 Collective Bargaining Agreement and Handbook of Policies & Procedures for Classified Employees.

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