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Butte College Foster/Kinship Care Education Program

Butte College Skyway Center

2480 Notre Dame Blvd.

Chico, CA 95928

At the corner of The Skyway

and Notre Dame Blvd.
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Foster/Kinship Care Education Program


The Butte College Foster/Kinship Care Education Program is designed to provide training for Foster parents, Kinship care providers and community members so that they may meet the changing and increasingly challenging needs of youth and families. The program utilizes many different types of training that satisfies licensing and continuing education requirements of both the State and the Counties of Butte and Glenn. Classes are free and open to everyone!

Join Us!

  • Obtain realistic information about the needs and strengths of youth and their families who voluntarily or involuntarily require family foster/kinship care services.
  • Learn about the role of foster/kinship parents as effective and essential members of a professional team, including expectations, responsibilities, supports and lifelong impacts.
  • Learn about foster/kinship parenting issues of attachment, commitment, relationship with the youth's family of origin, expectations, responsibilities, supports and lifelong impacts.
  • Learn the knowledge and practice the skills necessary to become and remain licensed, or certified as a foster parent.
  • Consider the impact of foster/kinship parenting on all aspects of their family life, including the jobs, health, finances and other family members.
  • Learn how to protect and nurture youth who have been physically abused, sexually abused, emotionally maltreated, abandoned, neglected and/or who have special medical needs.


The Services
Butte College works closely with Butte County, Glenn County and many other social service agencies and providers, including our Foster/Kinship Care and Advisory Board, to identify training needs and requirements for foster parents and kinship care providers through various support services.

Learn the laws, regulations, policies and values that direct an agency's child welfare program in general and the family foster/kinship care programs specifically.

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