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Diversity Days 2016

Diversity Days 2016

April 4 - APRIL 7

Butte College is celebrating the one thing we all have in common... our diversity. Numerous workshops, events, speakers and films are scheduled from April 4 – April 7 for annual Diversity Days. The event is free and open to the public.


Note to Educators: Hope Required
When Growing Roses in Concrete


Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey Duncan-AndradeJeff Duncan-Andrade, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Raza Studies and Education Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition to these duties, he continues as a high school teacher in East Oakland where for the past 18 years he has practiced and studied the use of critical pedagogy in urban schools.

View Jeff's TEDxGoldenGateEd "Growing Roses in Concrete"




Download the schedule here.

Monday, April 4

11:00    12:15    Opening Ceremony
Campus Center Lawn

Dr. Samia Yaqub, Elder Lucky Preston, and A.S. President Zachary Alconero

The Opening Ceremony will be highlighted by a drum procession to announce the beginning of Diversity Week and to invite the campus community to participate throughout. Featured speakers are Elder Lucky Preston, BC  Interim President Samia Yaqub, and Associated Students President Zachary Alconero. Part one of a unique campus Card Project will be initiated. We invite our campus and our community to join in celebrating our theme “I Am One More Voice”. Refreshments to follow.

12:30    1:45    Native American Song & Music: Appreciation & Function
CFE (Library 210)

Lucky Preston

Lucky Preston, Pit River tribe of Northern California, will play a variety of music and discuss the origins of each song and explain their importance in Indian Country. The music demonstrated will include hand drum songs, rattle songs, stick game songs, and those played on the Native American flute.

2:00    3:15    Trans*Panel
CFE (Library 210)

Tom Kelem - Stonewall Alliance

The main part of this session will be people speaking to their experience being trans* or gender nonconforming. There will be a brief overview of words to use, how to be an ally, and then a panel discussion with time for Q&A. This is the intersection of Trans*Week Chico 2016 and Diversity Days, with collaborations with Butte College, CSU Chico, Stonewall Alliance and many other community partners. Trans*Week is focused around International Transgender Day of Visibility which celebrates trans* people around the globe, brings attention to their accomplishments, raises trans* awareness and inclusivity, and is celebrated annually on March 31. For more details about Trans*Week go to:

Tuesday, April 5

9:00    10:30
CFE (Library 210) Conversations & Coffee Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Les Jauron & Emelia Michels-Ratliff

Last year Butte College conducted a large Student Climate Survey and nearly a thousand students responded. These responses mirror the richly diverse student population on our campus and can help shed light on how our different identities may shape our experiences. This presentation will explore diversity at Butte College through student voices and outcomes data from the office of Planning, Research and Organizational Development.

10:00    2:00 Science is Everywhere
LRC Fountain

MESA Club - Science Day

MESA Club will be hosting Science Day. The theme of Science Day will be "Science is Everywhere." The goal of this event is to promote all aspects of science and STEM related fields, in a fun and interactive setting. This includes science demos, games, information about STEM education and careers, and discussions about all things science. It will include participation from various math, engineering, and science Clubs, students, and faculty.

11:00    12:15 Developing a Common Language
CFE (Library 210)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Racism, Sexism, Cissexism, and Ableism
Cristina Dahl

Come discover how these words and others related to social justice work are often used by different people to mean very different things. Discover what they mean to you, what they mean to others, think about why this is, and try to come to an agreement on what they mean and how we will use them in the future.

12:30    1:50    Islamophobia 101
Black Box Theatre (ARTS)

Safa Asher & Tom Grothe

Round up all Syrians? Create Japanese style internment camps for Syrian refugees? Register all Muslims in a database? Only allow in Christian Syrians? When lawmakers suggest these policies, it’s time to talk! Presenters, Tom Grothe, Communication Studies Faculty, and Safa Asher, Butte College student from Syria.

2:00    3:15
Art Gallery (ARTS)

Art Exhibit - The Lost Generation
Featuring Syrian Children's Artwork
Safa Asher

This powerful exhibit features the artwork of Syrian children traumatized by war. While in Syria, Safa Asher ran an art program for these children at a camp for displaced Syrians. Safa, now a student at Butte College, shares the children’s work with our campus community.

2:00    4:00
CFE (Library 210)

Documentary Film - Code
Debugging the Gender Gap
Facilitated by Linda Fischer & April Browne

CODE documentary exposes the dearth of American female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap. CODE raises the question: what would society gain from having more women and minorities code? (Film runs 51 minutes discussion will follow)

6:00    8:30    Poetry Slam
Chico Center 146

MC Taz Yamaguchi Featuring Poet, Activist and Author Russell Gonzaga

Join Taz from Chico Poetry Slam and learn how to write and perform slam poetry (6:00-7:00), followed by a night of poetry (7:00-8:30) featuring Russell Gonzaga, poet, activist and author. Come be a spectator, or participant  all welcomed, no experience necessary.

Wednesday, April 6

9:00    10:30
CFE (Library 210)

Conversations & Coffee
Cultura Cura: Mythology of the Aztec Calendar
Joaquín Galvan
This session will present selective mysteries from the pre-history of the Americas, summarize some to the basic understandings of the “Aztec” Calendar, and encourage discussion of how this path might relate to current societal conditions. The goal will be to reinforce the audiences’ self-esteem and supply them with some indigenous knowledge and understandings to share when working at empowering their various communities.

11:00    12:15    Redemption, Reformation & Restoration
CFE (Library 210)

Thomas Craig
Mr. Thomas Craig, director and CEO of the Oroville P.I.E.C.E.S. organization (People Invoking Empowerment, Change, Employment and Success), will share his thoughts on the difficulties that formerly incarcerated individuals have in their quest to reintegrate back into society following years of subjugation under inhumane circumstances. Mr. Craig has first- hand experience in Prison Gang Activity that resulted in his transfer to Pelican Bay “Secure Housing Unit” for nine years. While there, he took part in the making of the documentary film entitled "Concrete & Sunshine" directed by Nicole Cousino. The film draws attention to the growth of the Prison Industrial Complex and the expansion of solitary confinement as a means of control. Excerpts from this documentary will be shown followed by a discussion led by Mr. Craig who has dedicated his life to helping formerly incarcerated individuals make their transition out of the prison industrial complex.  His insights into a flawed criminal justice system will be invaluable.

12:30    1:45
Black Box Theatre (ARTS )

Diversity Talks
I am One More Voice

2:00    3:15
CFE (Library 210)

Moving Beyond the Binary
Understanding and Supporting LGBTQ+ Farmers
Travon Robinson & Jim Schroer
This  unique  and  engaging  workshop  will  provide  participants  with  information  and  resources  to  better  support members of our agricultural community who identify at LGBTQ+.

6:00    8:00    Origami: Its Global Impact
Chico Center 146

Tomoko Lance
Helping not only children develop great concentration, small motor skills and stimulate imaginations, many  care providers and researchers have discovered health benefits of this internationally popular Japanese paper folding. Some examples of areas that can benefit include: low self esteem, anxiety, ADHD, autism, mental retardation, and other psychological conditions. Tomoko has experienced and witnessed first hand the positive effects of origami, an authentic cultural realia, in K-8 to college level classes that she has taught, and is an excellent stress management tool in her daily life. Come make origami with Tomoko!

Thursday, April 7

9:00    10:30
CFE (Library 210)

Conversations & Coffee
Is it Rational to Reduce Crime with Increased Incarceration?
Charles Turner

In harmony with the theme of our book in common “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson, this workshop will examine the spiritual significance of a criminal justice system that obsessively maintains a sense of intimidation, cruelty and unusual punishment as its main objective in order to reduce crime. With millions of Americans incarcerated for long prison terms our prison population is growing at an exponential rate with no end in sight. Is this our best response to an obvious decline in the decency and standards of our society? What motivates the cyclic process of violence, cruelty and crime within our society, and what type of spiritual growth is needed within our criminal justice system (and our society) to change the downward spiral of human consciousness?

11:00    12:15    Do I Act Gay?
CFE (Library 210)

David Danielson

If you’re male, did you ever deliberately work at acting more masculine or if female acting more feminine – especially when you were younger? Why is it that if a man exhibits mannerisms considered feminine or if a woman exhibits those considered masculine, many people have a gut-level reaction against this? Why is this such a big deal? If you’ve ever had such a reaction, this talk won’t try to make you feel guilty, but it may help you understand why you’ve reacted that way.

12:30    1:45    KEYNOTE

BlackBox Theater (ARTS )

Jeffrey Duncan-AndradeNote to Educators: Hope Required
When Growing Roses in Concrete Jeffrey Duncan-Andrade
This session focuses on developing educators that are better equipped to create educational environments that understand and respond to the social toxins that emerge from racism and poverty. The session closely examines the types of social toxins that young people face in the broader society and discusses the impact of these conditions on student identities.

2:00    3:00    Closing Ceremony
Campus Center Lawn

The Closing Ceremony will bring our Diversity Week to an end. A Flute procession to send our good wishes and hopes, for inclusive, diversity, and equity, into our near future, will take place. Please join us in completing part two of our special campus Card Project and closing the 2016 Diversity Days. Refreshments to follow.

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