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Town Manager Awarded President’s Bell from Butte College

Town Manager Awarded President’s Bell from Butte College

Paradise Town Manager, Chuck Rough, was honored for his long-standing dedication to the Butte College Foundation Board with the President’s Bell Award.

A two-term Foundation Board president, Rough was acknowledged for his 11 years of volunteer service to the college and the community by Diana Van Der Ploeg, Butte College President, who presented him with the award.

“Chuck’s leadership started in 1998 when he was appointed to the Foundation Board of Directors. Since then, he’s played a key role in developing special events and outreach to the community,” said Van Der Ploeg. “His consistency, thoroughness, and dedication have had a significant impact on Butte College. We will always be thankful to him.”

As Foundation Board president, Rough was respected for bringing new direction and vision; strategic thinking and planning and long-term goal development to the board.

He was instrumental in the passage of Measure A, the bond measure which resulted in the funds necessary to build five new buildings, including the new Arts Center, and complete major remodeling projects on the campus. Rough also served on the college’s Citizen Oversight Committee for Measure A funds.

Rough’s competence, commitment and leadership efforts to raise money for the college were also demonstrated through his participation in creating the needs assessment and RFP for new banking services and in developing the RFP for the new investment management services, leading to the diversification of the Foundation’s portfolio.

In addition to his responsibilities as Board president, Rough chaired the Gala Committee for three years transitioning the Gala to an elegant affair by expanding the format and venue to include the Outstanding Alumni Awards and he worked to hire the college’s current Foundation executive director, John Gliha.

Rough also pioneered the development and implementation of the Civil War Days and the Renaissance Faire and spent five years chairing the scholarships and grants committee.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with Chuck through the years and we appreciate all he has done to make Butte College better for all those who are touched by the college,” said Van Der Ploeg.

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