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An Introduction to Distance Learning




Apply For Admission To Butte College

If you are not yet a Butte College student, or you are a returning student (not enrolled last semester), you must first apply for admission to the college.

STEP 1: Apply For Admission
Complete the Application for Admission. You may either apply online or download and print the application.

  • Apply online (CCCApply)
    Complete the online application, download the signature page, sign, and mail to:

Butte College
3536 Butte Campus Dr.
Oroville, CA 95965


Butte College
3536 Butte Campus Dr.
Oroville, CA 95965

You may also call the Campus Information Office at (530) 895-2511 to request that an application be mailed to you, or

Request an Information Packet be mailed to you.

STEP 2: Send Official Transcripts
Send official transcripts immediately from all the colleges you previously attended. Delivery of transcripts can take weeks, so plan ahead.

Transcript information can count towards earning your degree, increasing your units for your priority registration time or establishing placement if you completed Math, Reading, English or Chemistry courses at another school.

For placement evaluation, contact the Assessment Office at (530) 895-2350 after your transcripts have arrived.

STEP 3: Contact the Assessment Office
To ensure student success, Butte College requires students to have placement information in reading, English and math on file prior to registering for classes.

Contact the Assessment Office at (530) 895-2350 to schedule the Basic Skills Assessment (BSA), identify a test date before calling to sign up for the BSA or

Review the Assessment exemption information to see if you qualify for exemption.

STEP 4: Contact the Orientation Office
Sign-up for Orientation by calling (530) 895-2416.

Orientation includes a campus tour, learning about student support services and college procedures. Part of Orientation includes meeting with a counselor to select classes.


Register For Classes

Registering for a distance course is no different than registering for an on-campus course.

If you are a new student who is required to complete orientation and counseling, these steps must be completed before you will receive a registration priority.  Once you have completed these steps and submitted your signed Butte College Application for Admission you will be notified of your registration priority.

If you are a returning student, and have submitted your signed Butte College Application for Admission you will be notified of your registration priority by mail.

Registration for your classes can be done through WebAdvisor, or by calling TeleReg at (530) 895-5060.


Pay Your Fees

You will pay your registration fees and materials fees when you enroll. Registration fees are subject to change annually by the California Legislature. Call the Admissions Office at (530) 895-2616 for fee information.

You may have to pay a material fee for textbooks, syllabi, audio and video tapes, computer discs, maps and other items to successfully complete your course.

You won't be permitted to register if you have monetary obligations to the college and don't pay them when you enroll.

Fees for full-term classes are due by Friday of the second week of the term.

Fee Payment for short term or irregular classes is 10% of the class.

Fees can be paid with credit card by using WebAdvisor or by calling TeleReg at (530) 895-5060.

Checks can be mailed to Butte College Payment Center and must include the student's Butte College ID number.

You may be exempt from some fees. For information on fee waivers, contact the Butte College Veteran's Affairs Office at (530) 895-2566).



Most Butte College classes have prerequisites which can include prior course work or a specified skill level on an reading, math, and English assessment test.

Recommended prep. levels are advisory for all classes except for placement in specific Reading, English, or Mathematics courses.

Assessment testing is conducted on the Butte College main campus, the Chico Center, and the Glenn County Center. Contact the Assessment Office at (530) 895-2350) for information about prerequisites and assessment, including exemptions from assessment testing.


Adding Classes

If you need to submit a signed add card to add an online course, please follow these instructions:

  1. If you're interested in taking an online course, put your name on the waitlist before the course begins. Most online courses can accommodate up to 15 on the waitlist.
  2. Those on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class, in order, if registered students drop the course. If you are added from the waitlist, you'll receive an email notification.
  3. The Friday before the course begins, the waitlist is "frozen." Waitlisted students will NOT be automatically added to the course even if WebAdvisor shows enrollment openings.
  4. After the online course begins you will need the equivalent of a signed add card in order to add the class.


Once you are added:

  • Please write the instructor within 48 hours of the start of the class and let the instructor know you are interested in adding.
  • If the instructor can accommodate you, you'll receive a special email from the instructor with permission to add and directions on how to complete the process with Admissions and Records.
  • You are responsible for carrying out the instructions to be added to the course; your instructor cannot add you directly. Once you've completed the process with Admissions and Records, you are responsible for making sure that you have actually been added to the course by verifying through WebAdvisor.
  • Your instructor may make online course materials available to you before you are officially added to the class.

Please note that access to course materials does NOT mean you are officially enrolled in the class. Official enrollment is determined by consulting WebAdvisor. If you have received permission to add the class but fail to complete the add process in a timely fashion, your access to course materials may be terminated.

You are responsible for any holds on your account that may prevent the course from being added.


Dropping Classes

Registered online students are permitted to use WebAdvisor to drop courses.  Students may also submit the ADD/DROP Form to the Admissions and Records Office.

It is the student’s responsibility to drop courses by the appropriate deadline.  Never assume that your instructor will automatically drop you if you do not attend or contact him/her.

Instructors have the option to drop students who do not attend the orientation meeting (if scheduled)  or do not contact the instructor by email or who fail to submit assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to know the drop policy for each course.


Course Withdrawls

Please see the following page for complete information on Withdrawing from a course:

A "Class Schedule Card" must be filled out to drop or withdraw from a class. These forms are available in Admissions & Records. For information on how withdrawing from a course may effect academic standing, contact a counselor at (530) 895-2378.


Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information 530.895.2511

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