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Overview - SLO Requirements and Timeline


Workshop - "Writing Learning Outcomes and Outcomes Mapping"

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Bloom's Taxonomy Rose - A view of Bloom's levels of learning that includes possible products (assessment tools) through which students can demonstrate knowledge and skills.

Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel - Another view of Bloom's that includes possible assessment tools.

Workshop - "Developing SLO Assessment Methods and Tools"

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Assessment Planning Schedule Template - Use this template to create an assessment schedule for your discipline or program.  Each course in the discipline and each program learning outcome (if applicable) should be included in an assessment/reporting activity at least once during the 6-year cycle.  For disciplines with courses in the Butte College General Education pattern, the relevant GE Area outcomes must also be assessed/reported during the cycle.

Instructor Reflections - This form can be distributed to instructors to help facilitate dialogue about assessments.  This is an internal document only; it is not the official SLO Report template.  The Instructor Reflections form is offered simply as a means to guide assessment work and dialogue -- as a necessary prelude to the completion of the official SLO Report.

Assessment Tools - A table of assessment tools that indicates whether the tool yields direct or indirect data, the Bloom's level of learning measured, and the pros and cons.

Workshop - "Completing the SLO Report"

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Sample Completed SLO Report (WLD 25)

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