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Thermite reaction at a demo at

Marsh Junior High (Fall 2011).

Applied Science Club

Applied Science Club

Costumed man holding Science club sign

The Applied Science Club at Butte College seeks to enrich and expand the experience of students of math, science, and engineering. The club creates a learning community by holding informal study sessions in which students network with one another, sharing knowledge and resources. In addition, the club conducts community outreach activities, including scientific demonstrations for local K-12 schools, as well as projects to improve the Butte College campus. Here are a few of our recent activities and accomplishments:

  • Toured the quality control and R&D laboratories at Sierra Nevada Brewery.
  • Performed demonstrations and led a lesson on the heat of chemical reactions at Marsh Junior High School.
  • Volunteered and gave a special award at the Chico Science Fair.
  • Performed physics and chemistry demonstrations at Chico High.
  • Won first prize in the 2012 Butte College Club Challenge Week.

For information about the Applied Science Club, contact the faculty adviser Jon Marhenke at or (530) 895-2519.


Fall 2012

Applied Science Club 2012

Applied Science Club Members, Fall 2012

Rainbow demonstration

Zach Wright creates a rainbow out of water during a demonstration.

Sierra Nevada Brewery group picture

Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour.

Fireball demonstrationTasting at Sierra Nevada

(Left) Cody Henderson creates a fireball for a children's "magic show";

(Right) Non-alcoholic tasting at Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour.

Image from video clipImage from video clip

VIDEO of Gun Cotton (left);  VIDEO of Liquid Nitrogen (right).


Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 

Flame demonstration
Kyle Devlin demonstrates the colors emitted from different salts (Na, Li, Sr, Cu, K).

Student pouring liquidStudent doing a flaming demonstrationg
Billy Pendergraft and Josh Bonsworth lead demonstrations for junior high students.

Many students crowded around a demo table.
Dave Carr leads a chemistry "magic show" outside of the physical science building.
VIDEO of the magic show.

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