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Below are photos taken in physical science classes at Butte College.

 Chem 52 Students

Organic chemistry students from Chem 52 test the properties of the hand creams they made in lab (S'13).

Chem 22 Students

Organic chemistry students from Chem 22 conduct chemical reactions (S'12).

physics students

Instructor Jason Trento has students in conceptual physics (PHYS 10) toss eggs to demonstrate the impulse momentum theorem (S'13).

Lab picture  Lab picture

Chem 22 students use chromatography to separate mixtures (S'12).

Organic chemistry lab

Chem 22 student adds an air-sensitive reactant by syringe, using a balloon of nitrogen (S'12).

chemistry magic show for children  thermite reaction

(Left) Stockroom technician Dave Carr does a chemistry magic show for pre-schoolers.  (Right) Dave prepares a thermite demonstration for students.

Engineering lab students

Engineering students in circuits (ENGR 17) build high-pass and low-pass filters to clean electrical signals (S'13).

Student grating orange zest for lab

Organic chemistry students from Chem 21 prepare orange zest to extract orange oil using liquid carbon dioxide (F'12).

Jumping student  Telescope

(Left) Student jumps to activate an air rocket during a demonstration in physics. (Right) A telescope and filter is used to look at sun spots (S'13).

Physical Science lab

Instructor Colin Ferguson shows environmental science students (PSC 10) how to use chromatography to separate chlorophyll from beta-carotene in plant leaves (S'12).


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