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This site contains the most recently approved Butte College course outlines as PDF downloads.

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Communication Studies ( CMST )
Course #TitleUnitsC.C. Approval Date
CMST-1Introduction to Communication Studies34/28/2014
CMST-2Public Speaking310/20/2014
CMST-2HHonors Public Speaking312/6/2010
CMST-4Small Group Communication312/2/2013
CMST-6Oral Interpretation34/2/2012
CMST-9Intercultural Communication312/2/2013
CMST-10Interpersonal Communication34/2/2012
CMST-12Forensics (Speech and Debate)32/6/2012
CMST-13Gender and Communication34/2/2012
CMST-14Argumentation and Debate34/2/2012
CMST-95Special Studies-CMST1-38/26/2013