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Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed Vocational Nurse


General Information

"Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) provide basic bedside nursing care to clients under the direction of a physician or registered nurse. The LVN utilizes scientific and technical expertise and manual skills. Duties within the scope of practice of an LVN typically include, but are not limited to, provision of basic hygienic and nursing care, measurement of vital signs, basic client assessment, documentation, performance of prescribed medical treatments, and with separate Board certification, the administration of prescribed medications and performance of non-medicated intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal." (From California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians)

The Butte College Vocational Nursing program is a state-approved program which provides the courses necessary for a student to apply for licensure as a vocational nurse. The curriculum includes the equivalent of three academic semesters of nursing theory and supervised clinical practicum.


1.  Age 17 years or older. 
2.  Documentation of 12th grade education or equivalent.

1.  ENGL 2 Reading and Composition
2.  MATH 108 Beginning Algebra or competency on Butte College Algebra I Assessment Test
3.  BIOL 20 Human Anatomy (online lab not accepted)
4.  BIOL 21 Human Physiology (online lab not accepted)
5.  FN 50 Nutrition and Diet Therapy or FN 2 Basic Nutrition

Courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

1.  All prerequisite courses must be completed before applying.

2.  In the event that there are more qualified candidates than vacancies in the class, a computer lottery will select the individuals to be enrolled.

3.  Applicants that are not selected for enrollment must reapply to any future program.  Odds of admission increase with each consecutive application.

Go to Applications for information regarding:

1.  Application deadlines
2.  Obtaining an application
3.  Financial aid information


Application Due March 2014 August 2015 March 2017 August 2018 March 2020 August 2021 March 2023
Program begins Fall 2014 Spring 2016 Fall 2017 Spring 2019 Fall 2020 Spring 2022 Fall 2023



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