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Core Automotive Technician Program

Butte College Automotive Technology
Core Automotive Technician Program

Automotive Technology Program

The Butte College Automotive Technology Program consists of a core group of classes that must be taken by all students regardless of which of the two program tracks a student chooses, i.e. Honda PACT or our Comprehensive Technician Program. These seven courses are listed in red on the Organizational Chart shown below. Most students take four to five semesters to complete the program however with some exceptional students, the program has been completed in as little as three semesters. Click on the image below to open a pdf of the chart.

Automotive Program FLow Chart

Aut 1 - Introduction to Automotive Technology*
Auto 1 Introduction to Automotive Technology (4 units)
This class is sometimes waived due to high school automotive training, military training or previous exposure to the automotive industry due to work experience.
(Class Meets two days a week)

Auto 2
Auto 2 - Honda Express (2 units)

This is an introductory course designed to provide the student with fundamentals of operation and maintenance procedures including researching vehicle service information. Students will learn basic automotive shop safety, tool, and equipment use. After successful completion of this course, students will be able to safely and accurately perform a Solo Technician A-type service with filter and a team (2 technicians) B2 vehicle inspection and maintenance service. Both services will be completed with efficiency and 100% accuracy.

Auto 260
Auto 260 - Applied Academics (2 units)

Auto 41
Auto 41 - Specialized Automotive Electronics (5.5 units)

This class is a prerequisite to all of the remaining core courses in our program. The automotive industry relies heavily on electronics so students must take this course first in their training. Also in terms of safety, new Hybrid vehicles have been involved in the death and injury of several technicians. This class is a must for technician safety and understanding of complex electrical subsystems.

Lecture is delivered online via Blackboard and consists of interactive modules. Embedded within these modules are lab sign up request for hands on skills training at the main campus on tues and thurs, 6 to 10 pm

Auto 42
Auto 42 - Honda Advanced Specialized Automotive Electronics (5.5 units)

Auto 6-7
Auto 6 & 7 - Chassis Electrical (4 units)

This class covers chassis electrical systems including batteries, starters, alternators, electrical accessories and body controlled multiplexing systems. This class places a heavy emphasis on the diagnostic service procedures of these systems.
(Class meets daily 1 to 5 pm)

Auto 20-21
Auto 20 & 21 - Brakes and Suspension (6 units)

This class covers brakes, suspension and steering including anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. Design features, principles and service procedures are covered.
(Class meets daily 1 to 5 pm)

Auto 8 & 9 - Engines (6 units)

This class covers engine design, construction, diagnostic procedures and service procedures. I
(Class meets daily 8 am to 12 noon)

Auto 22/23
Auto 22 & 23 - HVAC (4 units)

This class covers air conditioning and heating system principles, designs, servicing, diagnostic procedures and safety. This class places a heavy emphasis on personnel safety and environmental safety while working with heating and air conditioning servicing equipment.
(Class meets daily 8 am to 12 noon)

Auto 52/53
Auto 52 & 53 - Automatic Transmissions (6 units)

Automatic transmissions and transaxles are studied. Design, theory, construction, servicing and diagnostic procedures are explored. This course places an emphasis on electronically controlled transmissions. Manual drive trains are looked at including transmissions, rear differentials, clutches, transfer cases, drive shafts and CV halfshafts. Design, theory, construction, servicing and diagnostic procedures are studied.
(Class meets daily 8 am to 12 noon)

Auto 56/57
Auto 56 & 57 - Manual Drive Trains (4 units)
Manual drive trains are looked at including transmissions, rear differentials, clutches, transfer cases, drive shafts and CV halfshafts. Design, theory, construction, servicing and diagnostic procedures are studied.
(Class meets daily 8 am to 12 noon)

Auto 30/31
Auto 30 & 31 - Engine Performance and Emissions (10 units)

This class focuses the entire semester on ignition, fuel, emissions and diagnostic test procedures for today's modern computer controlled vehicles. This class also includes all tests and coursework required by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair that must be completed prior to signing up to take the state smog examination. A major portion of this class focuses on the diagnostic procedures of these systems. Service procedures, theory, safety and design are also studied.
(Class meets daily 1 to 5 pm)

Auto 60 - Hybrid & Alrenative Fuel Technologies
AUTO 60 - Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Technologies (4 Units)

This course covers the theory of operation and service of alternative fuel and hybrid powered cars and light trucks. Topics include fuel tank and battery inspection service, regenerative braking systems, motor/generator and transmission, and fuel cell technologies. Emphasis is placed on safety precautions necessary when servicing hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles.
(Class meets TTH 5:30 - 9:30 pm)

Class Details:
Auto 1 is lecture only, meeting two days per week. (4 units)
Auto 41 lecture is delivered online and meets for hands-on lab skills two nights per week. (6 units)
The remaining core classes listed above meet daily for 4 hours either in the morning from 8-12 or in the afternoon from 1-5. These classes generally use the format of one hour lecture and three hours lab. (5-10 units each)


  • Candidates will have to wear Butte College Automotive uniforms (including shirts, pants and safety glasses) or a dealership provided work uniform during school.
  • Candidates are responsible for all program costs, including tuition, fees, books and tools.

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