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This site contains the most recently approved Butte College course outlines as PDF downloads.

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Music ( MUS )
Course #TitleUnitsC.C. Approval Date
MUS-1Music Appreciation311/18/2013
MUS-3Music Fundamentals39/30/2013
MUS-5American Popular Music310/24/2011
MUS-6Women and Music34/7/2008
MUS-7Jazz Appreciation310/24/2011
MUS-9World Music35/16/2006
MUS-10Music Theory I39/30/2013
MUS-11Musicianship I19/30/2013
MUS-12Music Theory II39/30/2013
MUS-13Musicianship II19/30/2013
MUS-14Music Theory III39/30/2013
MUS-15Musicianship III19/30/2013
MUS-16Music Theory IV39/30/2013
MUS-17Musicianship IV19/30/2013
MUS-20Guitar I19/30/2013
MUS-21Guitar II19/30/2013
MUS-22Guitar III19/30/2013
MUS-23Guitar IV19/30/2013
MUS-30Voice I19/30/2013
MUS-31Voice II19/30/2013
MUS-32Voice III19/30/2013
MUS-33Voice IV19/30/2013
MUS-40Piano I19/30/2013
MUS-41Piano II19/30/2013
MUS-42Piano III19/30/2013
MUS-43Piano IV19/30/2013
MUS-51Computer Literacy for Musicians1.53/26/2012
MUS-52Introduction to Recording Techniques310/24/2011
MUS-53Introduction to Recording Software Applications33/4/2013
MUS-54Studio Recording I410/24/2011
MUS-60Music Ensemble19/30/2013
MUS-95Special Studies-MUS1-38/26/2013
MUS-99Work Experience-MUS0.5-88/23/2010

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