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Measure A Projects

Upgrade the Fire/Police Training Center
Replace Emergency Vehicle Training Track
Upgrade Fire Rescue Training Tower
Renovations and Repairs of Deteriorating,
Outdated Facilities
Renovate Library
Upgrade Deteriorating bathrooms, add restrooms
Add Chemistry Labs
Renovate Live Science Labs
Renovate Student Center
Repair aging roofs
Refurbish old showers, refurbish and expand locker rooms
Replace Equipment storage facility
Repaint building exteriors
Repair termite damage
Repair and repave parking lots
Complete campus wide landscaping
Replace old, unsafe floor tiles/coverings
Expand Agriculture/Automotive Shop training areas
Renovate Bus terminal
Install adequate field drainage
Replace aging/unsafe portable bleachers
Learning Resource Center Project
Assures state matching funds and provides improved classrooms, lecture halls, and other teaching space for humanities and social studies programs. Establishes a Center for Academic Success to give students effective, one-stop access to remedial and tutoring programs. Provides additional computer labs and increases library space.
Install Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning
Auto Shop - 1 AC unit and 3 Evaporative Coolers
Campus Center - 1 Evaporative Cooler
Gym - 1 AC unit
Horticulture Science - 1AC unit
Physical Science - 3 AC units, 1 Boiler, 1 Distiller
Technology - 2 AC units
Welding Shop - 1 AC unit and 4 Evaporative Coolers
Women's Locker Room - 1 AC unit
Energy Management System Upgrade
Rewire and Upgrade Systems to Accommodate Computers and Internet Access
Upgrade electrical system
Upgrade data network
Upgrade fiber optic cable
Upgrade Telecommunications
Upgrade Admin/Student Information System
Improvements Needed for Health/Safety
Upgrade roadway lighting
Upgrade fire alarms
Install Emergency Notification System
Expand parking lot emergency phones
Repair buckled sidewalks campus wide
Repair water tank
Replace 21-34 year old buses
Upgrade campus intersections
Provide Child Development Center security cameras
Install security phones in classrooms
Upgrade old, unsafe maintenance equipment
Replace unsafe offset press
Replace unsafe stairways
Replace unsafe bleacher treads
Build Permanent Classrooms and Structures to Replace Deteriorating 25-40 Year Old, Temporary Portable Buildings
Instructional Arts Facility
Student and General Services Facility
Butte College Chico Center
Increases classrooms, lecture halls, teaching and lab space in Chico to provide accessible, affordable education and job training allowing students and adults to successfully transfer to four year universities and to expand their professional development.


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