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About Measure A


In March 2002 voters in the Butte-Glenn Community College District approved Measure A, an $84.9 million dollar general obligation bond to construct, repair, and equip classrooms, libraries, science/computer labs and facilities; upgrade energy conservation, lighting, electrical, ventilation, and plumbing systems.


Voter Approval

Measure A was approved March 5, 2002, by 64.10% of the voters in Butte County and by approximately 59.19% of voters in Glenn County.

How much?

Amount of general obligation bonds approved - $84,900,000

Sale of Bonds

Series A - June 2002 - $30,000,000

  • Bonds sold at an average interest rate of 4.95%
  • Bond Ratings: Moody’s: A1

Series B - July 2005 - $36,998,634

  • Bonds sold at an average interest rate of 4.95%
  • Bond Ratings: Moody’s: A1; S&P A+

Series C – May 2009 - $17,900,000

  • Bonds sold at an average interest rate of 5.00%
  • Bond Ratings: Moody's: A1; S&P AA-

Investment of Bond Proceeds

The bond proceeds are currently invested in the State’s Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF).


Tax rate is based on average assessed value, not market value. The rate is the same for both Butte and Glenn Counties.

  • Legal tax rate limit per $100,000 of assessed value - $25
  • Estimated tax rate per $100,000 of assessed value - $20.88
  • Actual Property Tax Rate per $100,000 of assessed value
2005-06 A
2005-06 B
2006-07 A
2006-07 B
Annual tax rate will be adjusted based on assessed values in both counties and the debt service schedule.

What is it for?

Renovations and repairs of deteriorating, outdated facilities

Upgrade the Fire/Police Training Center

Learning Resource Center

Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning for various existing facilities

Rewire and upgrade systems to accommodate computers and internet access

Health/Safety improvements

Build Instruction Arts Facility

Build Student and General Services Facility

Build Chico Center

Citizens’ Oversight Committee

The governing board has established a Citizens’ Oversight Committee to ensure proper spending of bond proceeds.

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