Student Athlete Success Program

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Working in conjunction with the Butte College Athletic Department, the Center for Academic Success (CAS) provides academic support for student athletes in the form of the Student Athlete Success Program (SASP). Under the leadership of Jon Hays, SASP Supervisor, and with strong support and guidance from Craig Rigsbee, Athletic Director, and John Soldate, Student-Athlete Counselor, the program has evolved over several semesters with very positive results.

Every semester, the program serves approximately 200 student athletes from Butte College football, men's and women's basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track, and soccer. Designated student athletes spend a minimum of three hours per week in the Center for Academic Success, participating in a combination of studying, tutorial support, and attendance at Critical Skills Workshops. The ultimate goal is for student athletes to internalize positive study habits that will result in a successful academic future, a goal that CAS strives to achieve for all Butte College students.

boardJon Hays, hired in the fall of 2013, is the Student Athlete Success Program Supervisor, and his role is essential to the success of the program. Jon has an office inside CAS and spends 24 hours each week working directly with the student athletes. Jon is responsible for tracking mandated hours, providing individual guidance and assistance with academic work, making referrals for tutoring support, acting as a liaison to coaching staff and the athletic department, and following up with students on issues related to positive participation.

In addition to his SASP duties, Jon is also the quarterback coach for the Butte College Football team. He played quarterback for Butte during the 2009 and 2010 seasons earning Nor Cal All-Conference honors in 2010. He finished his playing career at the University of Utah and helped Utah to finish 8-5 in their first season in the Pac 12 conference. He went 6-3 as a starter in his junior season at Utah including a bowl victory against Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl where he threw 3 touchdowns. Jon also beat BYU in senior season in a game that was ranked in the top 25 best games of the 2012 season by ESPN.                                         

board 1Jon Hays has earned the respect of the student athletes, the CAS staff, and other students who visit CAS each day. Jon understands the unique pressures and expectations that surround student athletes as they work toward success both academically and in their chosen sport, which can be a very demanding combination of activities. Having been both a successful athlete and successful student, Jon serves as a guide and mentor to many of the students. His confidence and expertise help to create a very supportive atmosphere for the many student athletes who spend their time in CAS each semester. With Jon's guidance and encouragement, student athletes are working harder than ever to combine athletic success with academic success.