A.S. History

History of the Associated Students


A sense of social consciousness and activism helped fuel student involvement on campus, thus spawning the first Associated Student Board. In it's infancy the Butte College Associated Students was housed in various locations around campus.  The A.S. Activity card was made mandatory and A.S. received a steady stream of income through Activity Fees as a result.


State legislation made it illegal to mandate the purchase of Activity Cards on a community college campus. As a result, the AS budget declined as did student involvement.


Budget crisis puts the Associated Student funds in jeopardy as money was cut from the district-supported Student Activities budget. As a result of low funds it was difficult to maintain a viable and consistent student government and activities program.


The Butte College AS office, Office of Orientation and Student Activities merge to Quad 4, room 101.


Dr. Sandy Acebo, the Superintendent/President, redirects bookstore profits to Student Activities. Student Activity cards and fees become "opt-out" fees for students, resulting in a boost in AS funds.


Faculty members, Marcia Johnson, Laurel German, Josh Cook and Jodi Schall serve as part-time AS advisors and support the growth and development of the A.S.

2002 FA

In the Fall Kelly Munson, Student Activities Advisor, is hired as full time staff and student awareness and involvement boosts and the AS is reinvigorated.

2002 SP

The Associated Students institute a student Activity Fee and Rep Fee.


The Associated Students, Culture and Community Center is created. The Culture & Community Center advocates for and empowers Butte College's diverse community by providing educational programs and cultural events in a safe and interactive environment where people gather to learn about themselves and others.


The Associated Students agree to fund the creation of the A.S. Chico Center Student Lounge. The lounge serves as a student space for homework, events, activities, and more at the Chico Center.


To better provide for students, the Associated Students Executive Board increases the Student Activity fee to $16.


Today the Associated Students are 16 elected and appointed students representing all Butte College students. The AS office is located in the Campus Center, room 145. The A.S. make decisions that affect the college budget, programs and campus policies, fund diverse social and educational programs and events and help encourage student leadership development.