Executive Board

2013-2014 Executive Board

Download Associated Students Executive Board Brochure

AS President
  • Major: Communication Studies
  • Educational Goals: To transfer with an A.A. Communication Studies
  • Career Goals: 
  • Contact presidentas@butte.edu
"Having held the Vice President position for one term, I have gained the necessary skill set and leadership ability that supplements this position. I have been a dedicated student leader and strive for a great college."

The President of the Associated Students chairs all Executive Board meetings and assists in the strategic planning of the A.S. and makes vacant board member appointments as necessary. It is the duty of the A.S. President to attend Budget and Planning, Shared Governance, College Council, Leadership, Student Activities and Presidential meetings.

V.P. of External Affairs
  • Major: Civil Engineering / Water Resources
  • Educational Goals: Masters Degree, Water Engineering
  • Career Goals: Working with water related projects locally and globally.
  • Contact:vpexternalas@butte.edu
"As a student I have been part of numerous clubs and served the Associated Students; giving me experience and knowledge to better serve students. My goal is to enhance the ambassadors program to give students better voices within Butte College committees."

It is the duty of the Vice President of External Affairs to oversee the Ambassador Program, all external operations and attend leadership and shared governance meetings. In the case of the absence of both the President and the V.P. of Internal Affairs, the V.P. of External Affairs acts on behalf of the President.

V.P. of Internal Affairs
  • Major: Kinesology
  • Educational Goals: A.S. Social Behavioral Science
  • Career Goals: Physical Therapist
  • Contact: vpresidentas@butte.edu
"I will be great for this position because I am a diverse individual and very understanding."

It is the duty of the Vice President of Internal Affairs to oversee internal operations and attend leadership and shared governance meetings. In the case of his/her absence, V.P. of Internal Affairs acts on behalf of the A.S. President.

Business Affairs Director
"To be provided."

It is the duty of the Business Affairs Director  to update the Associated Student's annual budget, provide monthly budget reports and oversee all A.S. purchases.

Cultural Affairs Director
"Contact the A.S. for more info about this position."

The Cultural Affairs Director acts as a liaison between the A.S. and ethnic and minority groups on campus. This director works closely with the Culture and Community Center, the Diversity Committee and offers representation on other campus-wide committees.

ICC Representative
  • Major: Behavioral Science
  • Educational Goals: Masters in Behavioral Science
  • Career Goals: Child Life Specialist
  • Contact: iccrepresentativeas@butte.edu
"To be provided."

It is the duty of the Inter Club Council (ICC) Representative to chair all ICC meetings and oversee ICC related projects. The ICC Representative acts as a liaison between clubs and the A.S. board.

"For more info about this position contact the A.S."

The Parliamentarian maintains order during all A.S. Executive Board meetings and is up to date on Robert's Rules of Order and Brown Act stipulations. It is the duty of the Parliamentarian to review and stay updated on A.S. Constitution and by-laws.

Outreach Director
"To be provided."

It is the duty of the Publicity Director to maintain community relations between the A.S. Board and Student Activities and the greater Butte College community. The Publicity Director assists in communicating to Butte College the mission, activities and goals of the A.S. 

Sustainability Director
  • Major:Environmental Horticulture
  • Educational Goals: A.S. in Env. Hort., Ag Science and Ag Business
  • Career Goals:To own a sustainable landscaping company
  • Contact: environmentalas@butte.edu
"I possess the skills, knowledge, drive and experience to continue as your A.S. Sustainability Director. My goal is to move Butte College further, together."

The Sustainability Director acts as a liaison between the A.S. and the Sustainability Resource Center and other local environmental initiatives. This director also represents the A.S. at the Land-Use Committee and Sustainability Steering Committee meetings.

Legislative Analyst
  • Major:Environmental Engineering and Geology
  • Educational Goals:Transfer to UC Merced 
  • Career Goals:Travel the world doing environmental consultation.
  • Contact: LegislativeAs@butte.edu
"My goal is to increase the participation of Butte College on a statewide level and to ensure that our interests as a college are well represented."

It is the duty of the Legislative Analyst to stay informed of local, state and federal legislation affecting the student population. The Legislative Analyst will inform the A.S. Board any relevant information regarding the student body and help coordinate political activities on campus.

Academic Affairs Director
"To be provided"

It is the duty of the Academic Affairs Director to represent the A.S. at Academic Senate meetings and be the liaison between Butte College faculty and the A.S. The Academic Affairs Director will keep the A.S. informed on curriculum and academic related issues.

Satellite Campus Director
  • Major: Business Computer IT Systems
  • Educational Goals: A.S. Degree in Business
  • Career Goals: Work at Butte College
  • Contact: satelliteas@butte.edu
"My goal is to be a voice and help others reach their goals positively and productively."

The Satellite Campus Director maintains open communication with the Chico and Glenn Centers as well as all activities in the Chico Center Lounge. This director is responsible for representing the A.S. at the "Town and Gown" meetings in Chico.

Health & Wellness Director
  • Major: Psychology
  • Educational Goals: A.S., Psychology & Bachelors from the University of Hawaii
  • Career Goals: Psychologist
  • Contact: HealthaffairsAs@butte.edu
"My goals for my position are to bring more awareness to healthy eating and life choices. I also want to do more with alcohol and drug awareness."

It is the duty of the Health and Wellness Director to organize and implement programs or events relating to health and wellness. The Health and Wellness Director acts as a liaison between the A.S. and the Center of Well Being.

Social Director
  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Educational Goals: PharmD/PhD from UCSF
  • Career Goals: Research Scientist in late stage Pharmaceutical Development
  • Contact: socialdirectoras@butte.edu
"My goal is to enhance each student's Butte College experience by reducing stress and bringing enthusiasm and excitement to campus activities.."

It is the role of the Social Director to plan and coordinate student activities and events with the A.S. Advisor. This director may advise and assist clubs with event planning and coordinate and recruit for the A.S. Street Team.


Technology Director
"Technology has always been a talent of mine. I am excited to apply this talent to projects that allow others to benefit from my skills."

It is the role of the Technology Director to serve the A.S. Executive Board by reporting on any technology issues on campus, advise on technology related purchases, and run A.S. meeting equipment. The Technology Director will sit on the Technology Council and serve as the chair of the A.S. survey task force.

Student Trustee
  • Major: Theater Arts Production
  • Education Goals: MFA Theater Arts Production
  • Career Goals: Creative Director of a theater
  • Contact: studenttrusteeas@butte.edu
"I have spent my time here developing rapport with the Administration and working with the state to represent and advocate on behalf of our students. I will work to make sure all students at Butte have their voices heard."

It is the role of the Student Trustee to act as a liaison between the A.S. Board and the Butte College Board of Trustees. The Student Trustee attends monthly meetings with the Butte College President, A.S. Advisor, A.S. President and A.S. Vice Presidents.