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Academic Programs

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Butte College 2016-2017 courses list:

Accounting (ACCT)

Administration of Justice (AJ)

AJ 6 - Evidence3 Unit(s)

Administration of Justice - Law Enforcement (AJLE)

Agricultural Engineering Technology (AET)

Agriculture (AGR)

Agriculture Business (AB)

Agriculture Science (AGS)

Allied Health (ALH)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Art (ART)

Automotive Technology (AUT)

Biology (BIOL)

Business (BUS)

Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

Career Life Planning (CLP)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Child Development and Family Relations (CDF)

Chinese (CHIN)

Communication Studies (CMST)

Computer Science (CSCI)

Cosmetology (COS)

Counseling (CSL)

Disabled Students Programs/Services (DSPS)

Drafting (DFT)

Drama (DRAM)

Economics (ECON)

Education (EDUC)

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Engineering (ENGR)

English (ENGL)

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Environmental Horticulture (EH)

Fashion (FASH)

Fire Science (FSC)

Food and Nutrition (FN)

French (FREN)

Geography (GEOG)

Geology (GEOL)

German (GERM)

Health (HLTH)

History (HIST)

Honors (HON)

Humanities (HUM)

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST)

Italian (ITAL)

Japanese (JPN)

Journalism (JOUR)

Kinesiology (KIN)

KIN 31 - Quickfits1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 42 - Yoga I1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 43 - Yoga II1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 45 - Pilates1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 49 - Fit Mix1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 54 - Aquatics 1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 57 - Archery1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 58 - Badminton1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 60 - Bowling 1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 61 - Golf1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 62 - Tennis 1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 64 - Baseball1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 65 - Soccer1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 66 - Softball1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 74 - Boxing1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 75 - Jujitsu1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 76 - Aikido1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 77 - Karate1.5 Unit(s)

KIN 78 - Taekwondo1.5 Unit(s)

Latin (LATN)

Library & Information Science (LIS)

Life Management (LM)

Mathematics (MATH)

Multicultural Studies (MCS)

Multimedia Studies Program (MSP)

Music (MUS)

Natural Resources (NR)

Nursing (NSG)

Occupational & Life Skills (OLS)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Photography (PHO)

Physical Science (PSC)

Physics (PHYS)

Political Science (POS)

Psychology (PSY)

Radio, TV, Film (RTVF)

Reading (READ)

Real Estate (RLS)

Respiratory Therapy (RT)

Sign Language (SIGN)

Sociology (SOC)

Spanish (SPAN)

Special Education (SPE)